1 introduction

1.1 rambling

1.1.1 the massive life file this is a place where i keep everything – development notes, thoughts, passwords, drafts of letters… every so often i would back it up, but then there would only be this one thing to keep track of. i like the outline features of inspiration, and it’s easily exported to html. if only there were database capabilities in inspiration documents, then i would be styling. but i suppose i could link to a database, eh?

1.1.2 The list of resources assumes motivation to create, and one can say aye, get yourself well resourced and the desire will be there. Today has been a festival of masterbation, napping and reading science fiction, so one mainly me wonders if that’s just so much hot air. We have all manner of interesting tools for subversion, and there is no smoke from the brazier. Indeed, the creative fires merely smoulder today, they do not rage. Each day is unique and perfect, even if it’s only remarkable as a celebration of sloth.

1.1.3 so assuming we might eventually want to create something, what would that something in fact be? Here we uncover and marvel at the possibilities.

1.2 this is a to do list, but how does one organize such a thing? there are things i would like to get done eventually, and then things that have to be attended to ASAP. obviously, some things can be reviewed less frequently than others. it occurs to me that for every 5 things i remove from my immediate list, i should get to do one thing from the long term list. i have two levels of priority plus a pleasure catagory, and have identified what needs doing first.

1.2.1 commentary on this – whatevah!

1.3 checklists keep awareness sharp

2 travel checklists, escape kit organized – based on what we do with it, what we’d like to do, the mission

2.1 create a comprehensive list of all the equipment we own, for checking out on a job and checking back in after the job is complete

2.2 be prepared to leave in a day’s notice

2.3 get

2.3.1 ground cover

2.3.2 green spouting lids

2.3.3 shoes

2.3.4 more mason jars wide mouth

2.3.5 viscose sarong (doubles as a shawl and bed sheet)

2.3.6 shorts and tee

2.3.7 slip on hikers

2.3.8 fill fuel

2.3.9 bowl

2.3.10 knife

2.3.11 lighter (2)

2.3.12 2 pots or 1 pot and pan

2.3.13 rope

2.3.14 duck tape

2.3.15 waist pack (water, wallet)

2.3.16 salt (epsom and table)

2.3.17 bandaids

2.3.18 grain alchohol

2.3.19 cotton swabs

2.3.20 poop shovel

2.3.21 bronners

2.3.22 green ban

2.3.23 blue green algae (emergency rations)

2.3.24 zheng gu shui (bone water)

2.3.25 carmex

2.3.26 oreganol

2.4 camping

2.4.1 √ shelter tent, fly and poles 10 stakes ground cover sleeping bag matte

2.4.2 √ clothing mild to warm weather √ merino wool pullover √ merino wool bottoms √ pile pullover, thick √ pile hood √ pair socks (2) √ underwear (2) √ wind pants and jacket with hood √ finger gloves wool √ pack towl √ sun hat viscose sarong (doubles as a shawl and bed sheet) shorts and tank top (optional) bandana slip on hikers, merrills hair tie (2)

2.4.3 √ water two bottles soft plastic flexible gallon plastic jug with screw top 2.5 gallon purifier dromedary

2.4.4 √ food preparation 2 pots or 1 pot and pan firespreader or flat basalt rock (not shale) √ spoon knife √ stove – base and wind screen √ fuel bottles (2) lighter (2)

2.4.5 √ eat plastic bowl (2) √ metal spoon (2) √ frisbee (optional)

2.4.6 √ light √ candle lantern √ spare candles (2) √ mag light (2)

2.4.7 √ cleaning bronners √ scrungy (2)

2.4.8 √ packing and transport where are big pack’s ribs √ backpack in good repair backpack carry bag (airplanes) √ technical pack technical pack carry bag (airplanes) waist pack (water, wallet) √ stuff sacks rope duct tape

2.4.9 √ writing small journal, ring bound in zip lock pen

2.4.10 √ medicine and hygiene poop shovel and TP aspirin three lac, acidophilus and bifidus wan hua oil (joints) chin wan hung (burn medicine) zheng gu shui (bone water) blue green algae (emergency rations) oreganol √ sun block green ban carmex bandaids grain alchohol cotton swabs √ tooth brush √ toothpaste or baking soda √ floss salt (epsom and table) fingernail clipper tweezers razor mirror

2.4.11 food zip lock bags red lentils √ rice √ onions √ garlic salt peppercorns cumin seed coriander mustard cinnamin little soymilks √ granola √ nuts √ oats

2.4.12 painting watercolor paper in carry box palette on butcher tray brushes and brush carrier sponge cloth water clean container water rinse container water waste container (sealed) mounting board (tuc) pencils sketch pad drawing mirror for cafes (view poeple without looking right at them)

2.4.13 video and film camera microphone with wind screen and cable batteries (4) tapes (10) lens cleaner and tissue tripod and head gaffers tape

2.5 adventure

2.5.1 tank bag

2.5.2 electrics

2.5.3 helm

2.5.4 roadcrafter

2.5.5 gloves

2.5.6 boots

2.5.7 tools

2.6 adventure

2.6.1 tire pressure

2.6.2 oil level

2.6.3 brake fluid

2.6.4 luggage locked

2.6.5 tank bag secure

2.6.6 instrument cluster secure

2.6.7 license, registration and insurance

2.6.8 emergency money

2.6.9 water

2.7 camera kit

2.7.1 firewire cable

2.7.2 camera

2.7.3 2 batteries charged

2.7.4 8 tapes (ff and rw, label)

2.7.5 AC/DC recharger

2.7.6 AC power

2.7.7 snowsuit

2.7.8 tripod

2.7.9 len cleaner

2.7.10 air

2.7.11 lens paper

2.7.12 chip transfer device

2.8 computer

2.8.1 hard drives

2.8.2 software

2.8.3 wacom and pen

2.8.4 printer ink cables airport

2.8.5 extra watercolor paper for printing

2.8.6 cables!

2.9 painting

2.9.1 checklist – complete watercolor set

2.9.2 field watercolor kit brushes all extra paints pencils and charcoal

2.9.3 studio kit

2.9.4 framing kit iron tape etc

2.9.5 sketch

2.9.6 acrylics

2.10 clothes

2.11 road kitchen

2.11.1 food

2.11.2 pressure cooker

2.11.3 blender

2.11.4 knives

2.11.5 small cutting board

2.11.6 basin for washing …

2.11.7 bucket for gray water …

2.11.8 drain with floppy hose for grey water release

2.12 road hygiene

2.12.1 peat moss

2.12.2 bucket for poops

2.12.3 mirror

2.12.4 large basin for bath, large stainless sink with drain for gray water

2.12.5 water supply gravity feed or pump

2.12.6 showering (sun shower)

2.12.7 shampoo, soap, toothpaste, shaving, etc.

2.13 library

2.13.1 all manuals gathered

2.13.2 watercolor library

2.13.3 adventure library

2.13.4 creative visualization

2.14 personal

2.14.1 supplements more galenta mind and threelac

2.15 music

2.15.1 lyrics

2.15.2 guitar and case

2.15.3 chord progressions

2.16 hidden travel keys – trailer and vehicle

3 protocols for creation – storage and maintainance practice

3.1 storing art

3.2 video tapes and backups

3.2.1 always make dv archives of finished projects for rapid reassembly, viewing, etc.

3.2.2 back up field tapes to 2 hour tapes

3.3 computers backing up… what’s the proceedure?

3.4 communication and contacts

3.4.1 regular (quarterly) email and html broadcasts to worthy folks and potential collaborators m’lynn hartwell jeff gibbs

3.4.2 keep the lists updated, who is on them

3.4.3 new addresses go into the adddress book, everyone’s at hand

3.5 tracking insights and plans

3.6 history accessible

4 ongoing

4.1 hygiene

4.1.1 massage face

4.1.2 gargle salt water

4.1.3 deer excercises

4.2 movement – yoga, run, swim, skate, tai chi

4.3 strength – dhandals and bitoks

4.4 drawing daily – nicolaides

4.5 warrior training and performance

4.5.1 tai chi

4.5.2 subway surfing

4.6 voice and music – training and performance

4.7 non-violent communication (research)

4.7.1 — prevents me from getting access to the resources i deserve as a student i feel ignored, makes me feel less, disrespected question 1 what’s alive in us, what’s alive in you? – (how are you?) how do you answer this question? question 2 what can we do to make life more wonderful? for you, for me? words that are honest but not implying wrongness evaluation what are they doing that is and isn’t supporting life in us, say it without evaluation diagnosing leads to self fulfilling prophesy provokes defensivness and aggression, suicidal educate – idiot! they are supposed to repent how to insult people in a much more educated way what does he do? what are the behaviors? not a judgement or a diagnosis highest form of human intelligence is the ability to observe without evaluating

5 top tens (about april 2006)

5.1 top ten movies (2006)

5.1.1 red shoes

5.1.2 dr strangelove

5.1.3 2001

5.1.4 sound of music

5.1.5 1976 star wars (pre directors cut)

5.1.6 day the earth stood still

5.1.7 forbidden planet

5.1.8 when worlds collide

5.1.9 manhattan

5.1.10 wizard of oz

5.1.11 good bad and the ugly

5.1.12 Pulp Fiction

5.1.13 The Sting

5.1.14 Terminator II

5.1.15 Unbreakable

5.1.16 Sixth sense

5.1.17 planet of the apes original

5.1.18 mighty joe young

5.1.19 babes in toyland

5.1.20 koyaanisquati

5.2 top ten games (2006)

5.2.1 forsaken social

5.2.2 mariocart

5.2.3 diablo great sound

5.2.4 tron

5.2.5 sim city

5.2.6 myst played with nephew

5.2.7 perception

5.2.8 command and conquer

5.2.9 tekken

5.2.10 jet boat game in fusion frenzy

5.3 top ten actors in movies

5.3.1 slim pickens as major kong in strangelove

5.3.2 eli wallach in GBU

5.3.3 clint in GBU

5.3.4 signorney weaver in first alien

5.3.5 judy garland in wizard of oz

5.3.6 paul newman in cool hand luke

5.3.7 bruce willis in sixth sense

5.4 top 10 soundtracks

5.4.1 bladerunner – vangelis

5.4.2 planet of the apes

5.4.3 day the earth stood still

5.4.4 forbidden planet

5.4.5 koyaanisquati

5.4.6 clockwork orange

5.4.7 lord of the rings (main theme)

5.5 top ten albums

5.5.1 greg brown, the live one

5.5.2 art of noise, seduction of debussey

5.5.3 vangelis china


5.6 top ten books

5.6.1 ubik

5.6.2 our friends from frolix 8

5.6.3 the galactic pot healer

5.6.4 we can build you

5.6.5 cryptonomicon

5.6.6 diamond age

5.6.7 vacuum flowers

5.6.8 time out of joint

6 MAY 2007

6.1 today

6.2 hvx book and experiments

6.2.1 detail is like contrast (sharpness and texture) negative value for chromakey, positive values create noise, lowering detail level deemphasizes noise

6.2.2 vertical detail similar but milder

6.2.3 detail coring threshold of ignoring detail level

6.2.4 chroma level – color saturation, no color bleeding in HD – what about transfer to NTSC?

6.2.5 chroma negative orange postive purple

6.2.6 color temp 3.2 bottom (red) 5.6 top (blue) (only active if in manual white balance or ATW)

6.2.7 master pedestal (contrast on the dark side) negative crushes black level, (-4 to -6)

6.2.8 auto iris level – bias to under or over exposure negative cine gamma curves to protect against blowouts, lower exposure help saturate, but could add noise

6.2.9 negative – spotlight, postive- spotlight

6.2.10 news – shooting news, probably 60i – flattened highlights to prevent blowouts

6.2.11 gamma – hd norm

6.2.12 black press – like lowering the master pedestal

6.2.13 cinelike D highlight preservation dynamic range, noise

6.2.14 cinelike V – good for sharp images without a lot of post

6.2.15 knee not available in cine curves auto knee can flicker highlights

6.2.16 matrix – palette flou accentuates the fleshtones, cinelike boosts all colors, most saturated

6.2.17 skin tone detail – executes coring in the skin tone spectrum

6.2.18 v detail freq, only applicable in SD in 24p or 30p thick lowers resolution by blurring

6.2.19 name edit – name for scene file

6.2.20 save – scene file, or initial restore defalt from factory from that one scene file, not saving to SD card but to internal memort

6.3 prep lists for all trips

6.4 going to michigan

6.4.1 oil change – madison NJ early

6.4.2 enough batteries for hvx and laptop?

6.4.3 pack camping

6.4.4 pack cat

6.4.5 pack food

6.4.6 pack production

6.4.7 park slope food coop

6.4.8 scene files

6.4.9 dance video web

6.4.10 unpack – vacuum glass

6.4.11 checklist production

6.4.12 flyer decide, car mount

6.4.13 web dance uopdate – performance, music video, actor monolog, auditions

6.4.14 north shot list

7 sort!

7.1 after effects

7.2 spanish

7.3 web site general

7.4 web site dog

7.5 schedule accounting 2 weeks (after movie)

7.6 sell tripod – macro?

7.7 buying

7.7.1 florida – just do it!

7.7.2 michigan sales tax – just do it!

7.7.3 merchant visa and MC

7.7.4 flyer

7.8 bills

7.9 marshall return?

7.9.1 R119762

purdey x144

marshall electronics

1910 east maple ave

el segundo, ca 90245

7.10 option to purchase, right of first refusal

7.10.1 legal programs

ny state

arbitration clause

right of first refusal $100 consideration real contract, option to purchase, $1000 2-3 years.

essential elements to record in brooklyn

bring the prototype down is it recordable



8.1 DOG

8.1.1 finish sound rebuild act I and suit guy

8.1.2 subtitles for eiji, english and korean would be fun

8.1.3 go overboard with that scene, color process it, etc.

8.1.4 shooting plan for pike – dog and doc

8.1.5 cameras prepped

8.1.6 patrick, maho, gary contracts…

8.1.7 done √ releases √ cabin by bob and cyn √ church by ann √ Pike (replaces hopper) √ Gary Train (replaces joe at end) √ contracts √ phil √ laynea √ ann √ melonie √ eiji √ ndong √ claire √ arabelle

8.1.8 return hail’s boxes (car)

8.2 completion party ideas

8.2.1 invited everyone dana hash

8.2.2 trevor’s in? bathroom

8.2.3 fabrice fire and apartment?

8.2.4 need lights back or not

8.2.5 rent gas heater

8.2.6 tent?

8.2.7 plastic flap on window

8.2.8 questionairre cards for movie

8.2.9 clean and organize apartment

8.2.10 mount camera and laptops for audience reaction (clear hard drives)

8.2.11 who will do what? cooking bob and dan serving, refresh buffet bring folks up to the screening jam – who is coming, who is organizing? where can it be?

8.3 in la pala, blue flash during handheld sequence as a cut, like a sun flare, distracts from the i am carrying this camera look

8.4 girl coming for dinner?

8.4.1 yoga – empty








rearrange photo studio for pictures

charge camera batteries

clean massage table

oils and candles

music mix

movies on the ready for compressor

ohio and notarize

shopping list

loose cloths


examples of work, demo reel

water proof box on roof with candles, thick rug, pillows, mats

1) things to do on the pipes, with the ropes (do I have rings)

2) yoga and tai chi pushy hands

3) pillows for top bunk, something up there – picture book?

the main thing forever and ever, is just to relax and look for fun together. that’s all.

9 more

9.1 once upon a time, send to armond 500 words

9.1.1 at the end and this is my life and this is how it relates to me

9.2 a writing tool

9.2.1 imagine a word processer and a database combined, such that I could create a document, and each paragraph would be a record in a database. the document would actually be a collection of records in the order i created them, a story. however, each record would be serachable, so that an eclectic collection of records could be assembled based on search criteria, and then grouped as a seperate document, or dragged into a seperate document. the new records would actually be children of the original record, so that they could be annotated.

9.3 -> how to purge spam box automatically?

9.4 reconfigure sound kit to include shotgun mic

9.5 study up on the cameras Canon 20D and HVX

9.6 sunday

9.6.1 vacuum

9.6.2 mop floors

9.6.3 clear hallway

9.6.4 windows

9.7 new brake assembly

9.8 actor contracts – international, reusable

9.9 phat or fat?

9.10 T1 or other highspeed upload, who provides?

9.11 post for camera zoom

9.12 clear the decks

9.13 can we just catch up with taxes?

9.14 order ink

9.15 the other chandra seskar

9.16 encryption

9.17 frank the skeleton

9.18 maya or blender

9.19 tai chi – learn ruyi form

9.20 michigan artist house

9.20.1 hang charly’s globe outside on a pole or under skylight

9.20.2 sort out cloths, elliminate stuff we no longer care about

9.20.3 visit grandma

9.20.4 trim dead branches from willow, start new trees at corners of property

9.20.5 get rid of tiles

9.20.6 doug fir boards go somewhere for safe keeping

9.20.7 create a clothes pole in bedroom alcove

9.20.8 lance installs bedroom sink

9.20.9 mud all unfinished wallboard

9.20.10 take down all thorny trees around property

9.20.11 can cement board durarock be used for mosaic walkways? lit from below? trial for bathroom

9.20.12 what about logs leading into driveway, better fix?

9.20.13 clean up tool area in garage, organize

9.20.14 sell pro panels

9.20.15 melt off tile glue in bedroom

9.20.16 paint bedroom

9.20.17 trim out windows, dug fir?

9.20.18 prune junipers in back, bonzai?

9.20.19 another hammock for nyc

9.20.20 throw away old spices

9.20.21 upon finishing the interior of the house, make a final determination about what paintings to hang and what ones to put into a locker with incendiaries. or just burn.

9.20.22 sell the propanels. how many are there? we are slowly disengaging from not this house but my past

9.20.23 send saddlebags back to company with mounting hardware

9.20.24 clean out flat files

9.20.25 clean up all around house (lumber stowed) all lumber up to farm toxic waste?

9.20.26 order and stack firewood – james has jackets to give me

9.20.27 are we prepared for emergencies? get set up…

9.20.28 entertain climbing chimney mushrooms rowing shell

9.20.29house clean up all around house all lumber up to farm hazardous waste kelly ignace 882-0554 september composting toilet, clean out sunmar, finish plywood on box garbage out wood denail and stow bed again clean and sand board – prime driveway beach stones berm for front – call about sand delivery office is clean and organized wave 2 entry carpets grey water rock garden ROOF! firewood order some firewood 325-2271 Bob Allen pick up jackets from kudlak, cut to size dig hole at proposed location, 4 feet, must be above water table back bedroom windows trim around fans x 3 mark corners of property on hill hobie cat hose (underground) big raft paint and prepare – diving and scuba diving fix drywall in office space build 10 sets of shelves (5 rolling pairs) finish drywall in back room hatching lights x 2

9.20.30 prime big canvases – benzie players

9.20.31 incredivan title is (?) VIN CGY265U138271 insurance and registration in michigan gas tank, clean out mouse nasties roller paint same as raft running inspection (michigan requirements)

9.20.32 after birth, check in with gretch and jim about dates for baptism and party

9.21 shopping

9.21.1 brooklyn shopping pots, towels, sheets – target

9.21.2 more fans

9.21.3 patagonia french roast another jacket

9.21.4 cloths two more suits big and tall men overcoat cedar for my closet

9.22 decide on fiber channel and kona or deck link

9.22.1 order big drives, second screen check in with mac guru

9.22.2 apple may be better for integrating into larger system later – xsan, san, etc.

9.22.3 we can get fiber channel now and wait on kona for more research.

9.22.4 near field monitors

9.23 accounting

9.23.1 taxes

9.23.2 get rid of con ed autopay and turn on ebill 2/06

9.23.3 michigan department of treasury

9.23.4 ohio

9.23.5 florida

9.23.6 bullseye

9.23.7 state of michigan info update

9.23.8 michigan tax id

9.23.9 tax forms for 2005!

9.23.10 all reciepts into quickbooks

9.24 cut for camera and computer

9.25 hacking the human body

9.25.1 not talking about instrumentality, implantations, enhancements or augmentation by technological means. Many disciplines strive to crack the code of the human body, but

9.25.2 The human body is the ultimate technology – imagine an autonomous self repairing machine that can adapt to a variety

9.25.3 featuring three adepts

9.25.4 Techniques for cracking into the ultimate information processor, the human body. The most powerful technology on the planet is readily available to every hacker, and yet few avail themselves of even a fraction of it’s potential. An exploration of what’s possible presented by masters, an opportunity to meet folks who live it, as opposed to just talk about it. 110 year old Indian Yoga Raj, called by Hinduism Today “the greatest living exponent of yoga.” Chinese Doctor, chi gung healer and tai chi master. Documented by western doctors as capable of reversing the progression of cancer in patients. Demonstrates the power of chi to neutralize an opponent. Dancer, teacher and international performer, demonstrates techniques for tapping the body’s information reservior.

9.26 send back infocus projector for repair

9.27 contracts

9.28 fax insurance forms for equipment

9.29 cut business cards

9.30 order hidef drive solution

9.31 am i going to update the web or what

9.32 when manitou?

10 TODAY monday 9/18/06

10.1 done

10.1.1 * chain of title – contracts mail, check for steve Z

10.1.2 √ pick up patrick 12:00

10.1.3 √ ndong appointment

10.1.4 √ directions to ann and gary

10.1.5 √ PAL tapes for carmen

10.1.6 √ tarp van, laundry

10.1.7 √ copy of the movie for ann

10.1.8 √ pack personal sleeping bags alcohol

10.1.9 √ pack uncle joe

10.1.10 √ releases paper bob’s landlords

10.1.11 √ hair cut

10.1.12 √ inventory of equipment

10.1.13 √ plan oil change

10.2 shot list – decide

10.2.1 around ann’s * train cars cave free standing wall angor wat

10.2.2 on the road looking down at boxes barge and boat pilings on shoreline

10.3 lens paper

10.4 check stills in the edit

10.5 insert ndongs mix

10.6 ropes and tarp

10.7 camera settings

10.8 reformat laptop, backup

10.9 hvx settings and so forth dv-link

10.10 camera – what else do we need?

10.10.1 camera to buy underwater housing

10.11 receipt for patrick

10.12 MOVIE – changing sequence approach

10.12.1 scratch for movie

11 review our notes from last PS

12 chain o title

12.1 corporate lawyer, understand the construction of the corporation, corporate taxes, all ducks in a row

12.2 contact dick agents

12.3 expand definition of artist house to include film etc.

12.4 accounting – who will do the books?

12.5 new script, new filing

12.6 trademark – state as well as federal?

12.7 chain of title

12.7.1 entertainment lawyer before phone call 7/18/06 is john working out? he is definitely charging serious money, but does he really know waht he is doing? I am not sure. This whole thing about contracts after chain of title, that doesn’t make sense. after phone call 7/18/06 essentially what he is saying is that artist house needs to be bulletproof before we go writing a bunch of new contracts. that makes sense. that means – corporate tax returns, corporate reports, transfer of ownership to me from dad

12.7.2 viable corporate entity status! automatic dissolution – sue * new corporate report papers on the way transfer of ownership jb kelly to dan kelly * do i own it, is there ownership transfer paperwork? pop is mailing papers what are my corporate obligations? need a corporate lawyer or at least do the research taxes up to date * tax attorneys Hi Dan,

CAll (517) 371-8100 ask to speak to Sherry Stein or Matt Hrebec. Explain to

both that your books are backed up and you are behind a return.

I would speak to Matt first. Ask your questions, like what is your hourly

rate, will you give me an estimate of total fee cost per project up front.

What will be my ongoing tax prep charges per quarter, do I get attorney

client priviledge. Then do that with Sherry and decide who you like best.

You can mention my name if you want. Maybe they will like me better then

(just kidding)

Good luck and may the force be with you.

Steve assets trademark information – Section 8 (6-year) accepted 2008-11-15 Class: 042

Class Status: Active

custom design and development of computer software; commercial and graphic art design; art direction services; script writing services; music composition for others; writing of copy for others

Basis: 1(a)

First Use Date: 1986-05-18

First Use in Commerce Date: 1986-05-18 url * trademark changed to include filmmaking, music… widest possible definition. * international application MADRID

12.7.3 copyright – script and movie

12.7.4 contracts work for hire

13 are we going back to sculpting – register!

14 artist house, inc.

14.1 video for dance / dance for video

14.1.1 video for dance

14.1.2 NYC, Brooklyn etc.

14.1.3 Collaborate with me! Together we can archive / document / package / transform your work. I am an intuitive camera operator and editor, accomplished and ever adventurous visual / video artist with an affinity for dance and performance. You are a performer choreographer wondering if there is anyone who can extract the essence of what you do. There is!

14.1.4 Documentation, grant proposals, career retrospectives, organizing archives, experimental work and and accessible introductions to emerging technologies.

14.1.5 $50/hr for established artists. Discounts possible for starting careers and students.

14.1.6 my reel

14.1.7 references!

14.1.8 cell (231) 882-0460

14.1.9 email

14.2 critical updates to

14.2.1 editing page all recent projects building association openus marion tamar

14.2.2 moving page

14.2.3 web site travel (review) portfolio distribute web gallery cd rom access to 3/4 tapes completed video projects software music writing technical resume technical resume what do employers want? what would i want? how would i make money? what’s the idea get work!!!!! if we are going on the road, then there are three target audiences i can think of right off the bat. museums, galleries and visionaries. museums are conservative, they want to see that my products have been adopted elsewhere, that they attract visitors. actually it would be intelligent to know what the criteria for museums are, and then base a marketing plan on that. galleries want to see what? that i am an intriguing character. the right galleries are gonna want to see me, because i will be making authentic connections and their clientele are poeple i can relate to. visionaries want to see me august 9, 2004 it’s for me, the unraveling of mystory mystery terms defined artist = teacher warrior clown / trickster sage wisdom healer benevolent earth steward and awareness promoting how is it organized? by… projects – storypaint, invite, toe socks… dates – 1990, 1991, 1992… catagories – painting, film, music… themes – cognition, nature, underwater… these seem like search topics to me, and storing things in folders by date could be a start, but some projects span years, and breaking up diverse media which belong to a specific project seems counter-productive. the alternative to try and bulk together everything in some arbitrary year though it spans several years is silly too. views tie things together, so the media is sorted in the simplest manner possible – by year. so most things belong to projects and those projects have start years. so if sort projects by year, then that’s a workable plan. views are not time dependent, but rather create continuity outside of time and projects, revealing relationships between diverse effort. art support suggested by soona slide set resume inventory of paintings links business cards cd everything extracted and into alphabetical index update site with manhattan and vegetarian rant review site for accessibility and sales storypaint – an update for the web this application is primitive by today’s standards, but in 1994… where is the shockwave flower? perception pages are mostly not available drifting is another incarnation of ‘press’ red text down the side for archives (get rid of the old layout) press 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 add susan’s website proprietary development sections requiring passwords – have everything up, even if it’s not complete. catch up on drifting i already have quite a bit written in dk_artist gather and add every item for all years, then connect them into the textual/menu framework under do not upload, interesting commentary on various projects – finish? anything under cooperative? the master document is a good idea, but it should contain an abreviated structure, something condensed that cna be updated and reviewed quickly. the structure of the site in the site map, is that an overview? i notice we keep writing the same things over and over in different documents – we need a structure to keep it all, something akin to what we are trying to create in inspiration.

14.3 storypaint patent (provisional patent)

14.4 trademark protection international JAPAN asap

15 charles $540

16 whenever (look over)

16.1 maya project

16.2 super hero (december)

16.2.1 roadside takeovers prepare

16.2.2 dan kelly flesh garynull and intervenous chelation and candida eye evaluation

16.2.3 motorcycle practice the range excercises? slow figure 8 stop, hover and go stopping out of a turn rapid stop – squeeze leaning in turn hard swerve what about backcountry training with the gs and race course?

16.2.4 climbing equip

16.2.5 night vision?

16.2.6 hidden kill switch for adventure lights

16.2.7 mic and sound network

16.2.8 good ear plugs

16.2.9 grommeting tool

16.2.10 sewing machine

16.2.11 signs steel?

16.2.12 vinyl printer?

16.3 olda video projects

16.3.1 dub the 8 videos, review and catalog

16.3.2 gary carden

16.3.3 Ian Streadwick video

16.3.4 press conference video

16.3.5 soccer (edit) music…

16.3.6 dirk’s party (edit) (dub)

16.3.7 answer kid (dub)

16.3.8 sanjay’s tape li and iy (dub)

16.3.9 erotic ball (dub) x2 melonie √ bruce

16.3.10 roopa’s wedding

16.3.11 copenhagen √

16.3.12 ancient treasures a media and technologically literate culture predating our own by at least 10,000 years, the lemurians, atlantis or mu, tapes found in a remote cave near what was once medea. narrated by an aged version of myself.

16.3.13 archive and edit ancient video

16.3.14 soundtracks

16.3.15 new footage, vignettes, frame by frame, rotoscoping

16.4 shopping

16.4.1 bumpers for bed

16.4.2 galenta mind

16.4.3 books the best democracy money can buy Dissenting Electorate: Those Who Refuse to Vote and the Legitimacy of Their Opposition, efficient c++ bulka mayhew core c++ shtern effective c++ scott meyers

16.4.4 shortwave

16.4.5 riot gear gas mask, hood heavy gloves distilled water 2 bottles check starhawk website radio, walkie talkie

16.4.6 $1361 camera accessories $209 AD-5870 +7.0 Achromatic Diopter – 58mm (Screw Mount) achromatic diopters polarizers

16.5 full size picture of swami bua

16.6 pictures for the other seskar

17 living in nyc means rising to a level where we are amazing by nyc standards, then we are super amazing everywhere.

18 shoot final readiness

18.1 morning

18.1.1 aa batterys √ ew phone prop, my cell

18.1.2 pick up eiji’s cloths

18.2 √ folder prop

18.3 √ charge batteries HVX

18.4 √ hard drives?

18.5 √ p2 drivers on other laptops

18.6 √ location and check

18.7 release for extras

18.8 afternoon

18.8.1 establish base of ops

18.8.2 copy and format p2 8gb

18.8.3 catering? where

19 done 4/10/06

19.1 done 7/14/06

19.1.1 √ phil needs check

19.1.2 √ will and melonie

19.1.3 √ compost and dishes…

19.1.4 √ review lawyer’s bill, pay it

19.1.5 √ coop – limes and lemons

19.1.6 √ sound soap or protools with plug in

19.1.7 √ rollerblade wheels and brakes

19.1.8 √ something physical

19.1.9 √ dvd cover complete and posted

19.1.10 √ coop for cat food, tongue scraper, tommy supplies

19.1.11 √ laundry

19.1.12 √ cut cards

19.1.13 √ clean house phase 1 – bathroom and bookshelves

19.1.14 √ food cous cous potato sambar salad hummus black eyed peas

19.2 friday

19.2.1 √ insurance fax other forms

19.2.2 √ licence plate and registration

19.2.3 √ find all records for van, envelope, organize

19.2.4 √ call the museums – correctional and military electronics – what else is there?

19.2.5 √ location release revised

19.2.6 √ mp3 grandpa

19.2.7 √ identify sound and organize kit list

19.2.8 √ cameras where can we find HVX’s soon, call dennis and ask about the grey market cameras… other sources

19.2.9 √ light cage assembled do the pipes in the front room

19.2.10 √ schedule honda service and buy generators

20 done

20.1 corporate reports

20.2 laundry

20.3 sunday

20.3.1 √ unpack van

20.3.2 √ dishes

20.3.3 √ dave crowley

20.3.4 √ run

20.3.5 √ start dhandal and bitok again

20.3.6 √ get extra sleep

20.3.7 √ what about will church?

20.3.8 √ deposit checks to artist house, inc.

20.3.9 √ tai chi

20.3.10 √ corporate reports

20.3.11 √ messages

20.3.12 √ party at the house emails…

20.4 pack for maryland

20.4.1 laptop

20.4.2 camera (still)

20.4.3 camera (video)

20.4.4 tripod

20.4.5 cloths

20.4.6 toilet

20.4.7 sleeping bag

20.4.8 bugs

20.4.9 CDs

20.4.10 pot

20.5 √ fata tapes to carmen

20.6 √ checks deposit

20.7 √ food shopping – mangos, hydrogen peroxide, beer

20.8 √ dishes

20.9 √ renew

20.10 √ dance the paint to moko moko

20.11 √ all records sorted and filed

20.12 √ finish document to tormey

20.13 √ request to Sonya to fax Ann’s record, also to call her later

20.14 √ register for shooters

20.15 √ directions to dentist

20.15.1 turnpike exit 9

20.15.2 route 18 heading south

20.15.3 3 miles

20.15.4 raceway gas station

20.15.5 right onto cranberry rd

20.15.6 1st light – road forks

20.15.7 east brunswick highschool on left

20.15.8 bare right cemetary

20.15.9 dunhams corner 5 blocks

20.15.10 corner of green hills turn right

20.15.11 left into parking lot

21 done august 06

21.1 √ schedule shoot

21.1.1 laynea

21.1.2 phil

21.1.3 location

21.1.4 eiji

21.2 √ fax location agreement

21.3 √ register for entertainment lawyer workshop

21.4 √ how much did we pay everyone?

21.5 √ emily

21.6 √ coop shift

21.7 √ talk to sonya – remediate

21.8 √ eiji script and rehearsal schedule

21.9 √ innes

21.9.1 √ location release today? fax to phil!

21.9.2 √ release for extras

21.9.3 √ contract commentary – they are too heavy!

21.10 √ the shoot

21.10.1 √ location insurance

21.10.2 √ rehearse eiji

21.10.3 √ characters with costumes shoes shirt

21.10.4 √ virginia fitting – after 1:00

21.10.5 √ folder, boxes, other props pages Neutralizing the PEA prime extradimensional attack pictures

21.10.6 √ catering?

21.11 √ inventory of equipment for insurance

21.12 √ powered speakers 8/27

21.13 √ find a more experienced lawyer who i can feel good about

21.14 √ should we go to palm springs or not

21.14.1 no finish film, send something to the market

21.14.2 check the boards, anyone else going could take postcards?

21.14.3 what do they need for the PS film market?

21.14.4 √ order ink

21.15 dancer performance

21.15.1 technique

21.15.2 priorities or structure of the work

21.16 * log video

21.17 yoga

21.18 ready house, ready mind for edit

21.19 ndong

21.20 legal on automatic, contracts

21.21 clear the decks this week, we’ve got to get all distractions handled. no other commitments for august

22 priorite!


22.1.1 manitou island transit

22.1.2 what about national park permit for filming?

22.1.3 msr how to deal… replace logo with bottle or just red

22.1.4 msr mention sound-effect… waves or seagull

22.1.5 bleep out swears (family version)

22.1.6 copyright version to innes

22.1.7 withoutabox community and list of good festivals

22.2 ILDF

22.3 web site for dance

22.4 !!! got to have work immediately!\

22.5 vancouver when…

22.6 pike

22.7 steadicam

23 rent movies by Pedro Almodóvar

24 bdayz

24.1 good

cynthia – metal dog 1/24/70

julie allegro – earth monkey 6/15/1968 (part help and part control me, easy for me to be hurt)

carol susan – metal rat 1/30/1961 2:53 pm (like hugging gold bricks – like older sister, makes her happy to take care of me)

kari – wood snake 8/23/65 11:30 pm

claire –

melonie – 4/09/73

ann – files

allison – earth pig

laura peterson – metal pig

jil –

mom –

carmen – earth dragon

anastasia – fire tiger

philippa – earth rooster 38

not so good

marsha – wood rabbit 10/21/75

theresa – fire horse 1/24/66

hard to say

lauren – wood dragon 1/13/65

yvonne – probably metal dog

25 books to buy

25.1 the owners manual for the brain


26 monday 9/17/07

26.1 today… quick redo of dance page with 3 recent events

26.2 add new media to archive of finished work

26.3 continue on our update

27 9/23/07

27.1 30307834 balance transfer cheryl

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