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Executive summary.

Summer of 07 is wrapping, and it’s time once again for a Dan Kelly update. A flurry of fascinating projects have either drawn or are drawing to a glorious climax. Around my birthday I traveled (once again) to North Manitou island to shoot “Some Almonds are Harder to Skin than Others”, a mini-documentary about attractive and witty artists saving the earth. Starring me, natch. It’s sort of a mini-pilot or proof of concept for a reality show about how doing what’s worthy can be damn fun. “Almonds” was inspired by my need to finish something, since post-production for “Daughter of God” has taken slightly longer than expected. DOG is the first movie I’ve written and directed, so there’s been a lot of lessons to learn. Happily, my recent trip to Sudbury Ontario to repair dialogue for Steve Zilliax’s character Gerry was a great success – not only did Steve and I convert the basement shower into a functional ADR suite, but we were catered like kings by Steve’s rents (thanks George and Meg!) and swam just about everyday in the lake out back. I finished the Canada trip with a quick jaunt through Michigan where I caught a glimpse of the original Create Decisions team members, Joel Buzzell and Saskia Von Wolferen before their move to Germany.

Here’s the elevator pitch – somewhere in a slightly probable near future, a young woman discovers she is going to give birth to the Daughter of God.

What’s a secret?
science fiction musical
trip to switzerland
progress on DOG
The Joy of Fun

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