core / life master / 2007 / september / 9/10/07 (9/10/07)
expand experience by acting and assisting with other projects

there are three movies that i make – 1) writing 2) production consisting of 2a) directing 2b) camera+lighting 2c) sound and 2d) acting and 3) post-production. For 1 and 3 i can handle that pretty much solo, but for 2 I am going to have to find more team players. i myself am going to have to become more. I am choosing director and perhaps camera, and there lies the bulk of my self education. one can’t camera and act though unless the camera is fixed. what i need to do is get involved with other projects, offer myself as an AD or director of photography. and so on. find other polymaths and trade off with them. i need more visual polymaths as friends. then there can be visual jamming. i want to become fully enabled as a creator and that means not only the fluidity to purchase the tools i need but also the knowledge to use the tools elegantly, masterfully, creatively.

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