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list of ADR fixes
5 years ago…
you move so quick

distance from the other character, he would speak louder if he was closer and softer if he was farther away (from her) along with sync, this is an important cognitive clue.
hiss on the line, elliminate? is it in the camera?

√ hi
√ christina right?
√ c’mon in more resigned, a little amused
5 years ago sync
wow wowww, more excitement
what? sharper – what?!
√ rabbit
√ hardly
√ you move so quick… sync
√ um
√ getting back to the fucking thing sync beginning slow
√ the quality.. fine
√ rather… could hold it a little longer
√ well it hasn’t always…
i’m tired of pretending
**** see her radio mic on her leg!
√ i don’t have any protection sync
√ you’re serious right?
√ wow, this hasn’t better wow?
√ I’m starting to feel awkward
√ this is surreal
why why me extra noise
√ mmm
√ ugh
√ como
phil dick, the divine invasion lick lips noise down to earth, bring it back down to earth

through the whole thing pseudo foley

√ want something to drink?
√ i really like your style

frame rate recording matches original?
two monitors
two headphones if main computer is loud

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