core / life master / 2007 / august / august 23, 2007 (08/23/07)
story fragment, holy body of theherast
p2 16 gig

Duel Systems Express34 adapter works with the Intel MacBook Pros to copy your P2 cards

prep kit
test adr

my exigesis 10 pages for every year of my life

it’s 10 pages of my memory, but that could also be combined with the clandestine operations around the world that eventually tie into my destiny – kennedy assignation, oil deals, cia and acid, my life in the context of history, secret history.

government is a cloak or shroud surrounding the holy body of theherast, the stewards of history. Some of the phenomena you have experienced are of extra terrestrial origin, and some come from earth – the provenance of theherast.

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