core / life master / 2007 / june / 6/19/07 the game (6/19/07)
advertising imagery of the desired behaviors, resurrection of heros

super fast repetition of fast food consumption, a shorthand of the commercial message, what we are progressing towards, the message stripped of it’s veneer. Cyclical in the structure, the same sequence of biting into, of chewing and again the food, unbitten and all over again, these sequences compressing time, a rapid download of the desired (required) behavior. intercut with smiles, laughing young moms in the sun, kids and then eating eating eating, must eat, this is good, faster, more…

pills to keep from absorbing fat so the body just passes the crap through, it’s all about converting corn into sewage in this society. we might as well just dump corn into the sea, nothing productive is happening with our resources, it’s not a grand experiment, it’s a horrific squandering of energy, resources, potential.

the required behaviors stripped of their veneer, intentionally stripped because there’s just no more time to even bother to entice or link it to biological hardwiring, that’s all fluff now because there’s no more time, it’s the endgame. corps just tell the consumer what to do, what’s required and they do it, at least most of them do it.

the characters as seen through flatscreens, reflected on flatscreens. the smokey mirror through which we are manifest. the mask of a horror deity. a great slogging cuthulthu god, an unspeakable horror.

and how am i recruiting my players. They’ll try and kill all of my people, they’ve been trying to kill them, that’s how i’ll know them. that’s a sure sign they are my people, because they’ve been put to the sword, messiahs every one. I’ll take these heros cut down and hobbled and flow them back into balance, back into the game. that’s what i can do, what i am good at.

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