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Why Terrorist Training TM?

Imagine the earth next door, the one we almost live on. On this alter earth, everything is topsy turvy. Up is down, right is actually left, slavery is freedom and war is peace. It’s a confusing and even dangerous place and nobody knows what to do. If someone writes a book about cooking delicious and healthy food, the name of that book might be “Dangerous Poisons that Taste Like Poo… or some such thing.

On this other earth a “democracy” is a kind of government where a tiny minority of criminals run the show and the vast majority of decent folk just suck it up. Most everything people are taught in school or hear on the news is just plain wrong, and the good stuff is hidden, discarded, reviled. Most everything is it’s opposite and language is backwards. The past is the future and tomorrow is yesterday. You get the idea.

Sometimes un-opposite people are born or magically appear. They intuitively get it about everything being opposite and frequently end up as drunks or going crazy. Sometimes they become visionary leaders and are jailed or assassinated by the criminals. Those who fall between the booze and the bullet make a living as artists or mystics, translating their odd perceptions into entertainment. The more successful of these folks use their earnings to build tricked out personal monasteries where they can hide.

Terrorist Training TM media is an imaginary product in this alternate earth that teaches folks who are a little un-opposite how to survive. The idea is to have less misfits going crazy, getting shot or selling their unique perceptions like whores on the corner, not there’s anything wrong with whores, but who want’s to peddle their best stuff day in and day out to strangers who never really appreciate the miracle that is you? Terrorist Training TM media is dedicated to the reluctant and accidental terrorists everywhere – dissidents, immigrants, artists and healers. Some helpful hints on How to Survive as an Enemy of the State – as a terrorist. May it serve you well.

terrorist training

When i was a little kid, the girls used to tell me i was weird, so i decided that weird must be a good thing. 30 years later oppressive governments are playing pretty fast and loose with the word terrorism, so by the orwellian logic of our age a terrorist probably refers to someone like you or me – ordinary folks who refuse to fall into lockstep with consumer culture. But didn’t terrorists fly airplanes into the world trade center, killing upwards of 3k? For anyone with a working knowledge of gravity and the speed of objects in free fall, it’s obvious that those 3 buildings didn’t collapse just because airplane’s hit them. We don’t really know who’s responsible but worse than that, most folks don’t want to know. To ask the question is to terrorize – what kind of government would deliberately kill thousands of it’s own citizens?

Terrorist Training TM media is dedicated to reluctant and accidental terrorists everywhere – dissidents, immigrants, artists and dreamers. Hints on How to Survive as an Enemy of the State, as a terrorist. May it serve you well.


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