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camera modifications and thoughts on shooting in the forest

camera idea – scale to either side of monitor to check whether horizons and so forth are lining up. rather than superimposing something over the image which just tends to clutter up the composition

wide angle lens show more curvature at the edges of the image. so if we have a horizon at the center of the image, it will look flat. if the horizon is raised or lowered, it will become concave or convex

direct light as opposed to diffuse light can be difficult to read. strong sunlight in a leafy forest creates a cacaphony of light and shadow that doesn’t translate to the screen, there’s too much there without the binocular depth cues. it’s better to shoot a forest on an overcast day and chill the interactions, creating less to look at (and interpret). This may be why camo is effective, it was designed for bright leafy forest. take away the direct light and the camo can be seen.

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