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how to improve dialogue, pre ADR
Hi there,

It’s April 7, 2007. Last night I squeaked in with Applecare on these laptops. I am down to my last 10k, so that means back to work in earnest soon. New website will be crucial to getting new work. so i’ve got to get that established and soon.

what to do about sound? that’s the question. i need it louder and less hissy. of course the signal to noise ratio is low, so that’s the first issue.

• short of adr, which i can’t do for carmen and it’s sort of impractical for gerry unless i travel up to canada

• what can we do with that? I would think adding some white noise to the roomtone and then removing as much as possible in the dialogue or having the white noise dip down when the dialogue comes up…

then there’s trying to boost amplitude and denoise the audio, which is just giving me artifacts, i am about to give up on this approach. the plugin can’t be that mysterious, why should i be the only one not able to make it work. Therefor, chances are these are the results. What would be nice is some samples.

what about straight eq techniques?

peak s/n audio dolby

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