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FCP performance for capturing via firewire
– Turn off BlueTooth.
– Turn off the Airport.
– Turn off Screen Saver.
– In Energy Saver: A) NEVER put the system to sleep; B) UN-CHECK “put hard-disks to sleep when possible”; C) UN-CHECK “wake when modem detects ring”; D) UN-CHECK both items for “reduce brightness of display…”.
– In Monitors: UN-CHECK “automatically adjust brightness”.
– Bluetooth services: UN-CHECK all sharing.
– In Software Update: UN-CHECK “check for updates…”.
– Download a the free app, “Tinker Tool” and use the “Disable Dashboard” feature (there are widgets that will try to call out to a network connection to update themselves in the background. They are small apps, but I don’t want them breathing even a whiff of the RAM for FCP).
– Under Sharing: Don’t share anything and turn off the Firewall (if it’s on)
– Under Security: Turn off “File Vault” (if you’re using it). Using this can potentially cause project corruption in FCP.
– Under Print & Fax: UN-CHECK “receive faxes…”. Turn off any printer sharing.
– Under Quicktime: UN-CHECK “check for updates…”

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