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if I had gone to film school

i am sweating and quietly boiling here in the tub, and am able to think no thoughts if i so desired. this is my year coming, i can’t wait to finish dog and do my taxes. (later – enjoy the process friend, otherwise you should give it up and enjoy some other process.) that’s what the ass end of february will be about. three fucking years, yow.wrapping dog in a way that will make me proud, no just taping up the fluttering edges with duck tape. i want to fly my colors, my freak flag. onward ho. oh. i am hot hot hot. this is all about me, will i meet myself and pass on the key info. had i gone to film school i would have probably not been prepared to really soak it up, but did round two of high school, unless i really worked it. in 1984 or 85 after blowing my mind out i could have traveled to wu dong temple, but then i would have missed barb and the mini film school, not to mention computers and graphics intensive, benzie public access and so forth. after wu dong i could have gone to film school, really i just should have dictated terms to my parents, after ignoring them in the east village i could have returned and jammed on film school. and emerged in the 90’s with something unique to me and the connections to do something different, but i would have missed benzie county and the trails, heck i would have found some in santa cruz or venice, california mostly for the babes. talking about the 10 pages per year, that’s how i could approach it, what i would have told my younger self. i would have had to have handed him a tome, and after the first year it would have been fiction anyway, unless there’s some track we can’t get off, like super slide. all it would have been was advice, and as soon as i learned something for myself that it seemed my future self has missed, i would have pooh poohed the tract and gone my own way anyway. he who tries to touch his alternate selves. however, if all my alternate selves were to write the tract, then that would be the answer book big time. but then where’s the fun of discovery the risk that works out perfectly?

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