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building a completion plan, production lessons, learning curve, light kit, something ingenious

i have the will to cut dog more rigorously. certainly what i have with the intermission is better, but not yet what i am dreaming of aurally. todays lesson is about planning ahead, and keeping the plan handy and accessible. if we have ideas, write them down but can’t find them, what good is that? I’d like to move artist house off shore. these are efforts i must make before spring. how is that accomplished? we will find out. but back to today. what i’d like to accomplish today is a productive practice and breakthroughs with the project. there may be major mistakes, but we can slash them. today a doable plan of action would be fantastic. a list of changes and then evaluate to figure out what’s doable within the next 10 days. completion.
what i attempted in daughter of god was a sort of cold improvisation. certainly, i didn’t do storyboards, and i thought a little about blocking for the scenes, but conjectured that being specific about composition and blocking was a waste of time because i had to see the location first. now i feel that considering the optimal possibilities and playing out the implications of same would have been highly profitable. also, lighting was somewhat haphazard in the second scene, and that turned out to be something of a mess. i think once i arrived i was able to dedicate sufficient processing time to the first scene and not so much into the second. if i had played out the scenarios beforehand, i think less time would have been required on site for a solution. that’s why rehearsals are good, practice, practice, practice. projection, play and productive play.
i certainly need a small light kit, thats for certain. so the future is this.
what i am excited for is to build a completed version, to take what i have and make something ingenious with it.

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