PLAN / 2006 / aspects of christina (06-12-19)
describes the various personas or archetypes Christina incarnates during the changing sequence
aspects of christina.rtf
the bride magical child

she’s very mild and unassuming in this persona. this is her as she is, not wearing any persona, not exemplifying an epic archetype. simple white with the green of the trees, her camo to get her down the hall and into his lair. her cloak of invisibility. there’s a little of the shirt sliding down her back like snow avalanching down a mountainside. there’s not much there, she puts on the shirt and then puts on the jacket (in reverse). we’ll have to tease it out.

the elegant ingenue

representing the well to do and the blessed, the icons of western civilization, the top of the heap. wealth, fame, desirable, coveted, remote, aloof, defended, inaccessible, alluring, seductive, unavailable. damaged, deadly. what we want and most despise. the masters of earth, who may still be even now be sipping champagne and watching the havoc on their flatscreens, secure, well fed, even decadent in a deliberate, symbolic way. “we can still afford to waste resources, we are not grubby consumers groveling in the dirt.” arrogant, elite… etc. they wear the foliage of the earth, but abstracted and disciplined. black on white, clarity of opposites, reveling in the dichotomy – them and us. tightness and curves, what you want but cannot have. the dress and hat imply infrastructure – dry cleaners, tailors, little chic chic shops, dressing rooms, sales people… accumulators.

step by step she transforms into a member of the owner class, with confidence and deliberation, wrapping her regal vestments into place, tugging tight the fabric to her high class figure. then the hair and finally over the top, the hat. then the dance of the alpha bitch, top dog in the pack, the model as death, as assassin and cold hearted killer, the romance of death and loving that which despises you.

the empire builder

posturing, rigid, the fake discipline of the regimented and conformed, indoctrinated and organized. by the clock, by the book, rules and orders, it’s a shadow of this, a tasty parody but without the fishnet stockings and so forth, a little of the rebellion there, the guerilla resistance, jungle colors and camo, but also patches for rank and campaign, identification. calasthentics, push ups, jumping jacks, training. clones and copies, action en masse. the warrior aspects of the elites and the peoples.

the earth people

rejecting the fashion and conformity, returning to the tribal, the simple, trying to resurrect the primitive. the colors are muddy, running together, it’s also a pattern of leaves and vines, but they suggest blood and dusk, their only wealth and the time when their power is nigh. The garment is shapeless, obscuring the curves underneath, more frumpy and even demure – there’s less overtly on display and therefor more available. a hippy girl is more likely to hug you and really share her being than an uptight debutante status conscious fashion slave. the mumu is practical, easy to maintain, you can squat and take a pee in it, drape it over a tree when you want to bathe or use it as a blanket when you’re making love. they were arrested, shot down in the street, tortured. marches, demonstrations, take-overs, activists, resistance. workers, farmers, living and loving the land.

the spooks, shaman and mystics

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