core / life master / 2006 / december / december 12, 2006 (12/12/06)
approach, rationale, changing sequence, christina’s motivations, trickster
there are two questions to consider. one is what is a trickster (what is a shaman, what is a mystic) and the other is hwat is our approach to the dancing changing christina?
now we come to the question, what is a trickster? yesterday we could have asked, what is a shaman, but didn’t. today let us ask.
a trickster is a god you find in your closet
playing with fire
throws a bucket of cold water over the shower curtain
and generally makes you want to get even
how best to pull it off
till the whole world starts looking like an opportunity for a gag
and folks are way to serious
let’s get in a fight
let’s fight like hell with an irish smile on my bleeding lips
lets lounge and forget to work
how can we get people laughing today, this moment
think of them smiling, or getting a little peeved while knowing
they can’t sock you in the arm
til later
now ot the next question, oh trickster, what about this movie with the girl dancing out of her cloths? t’would have been fine to have some flash of unbraziered breast, no nipple mind you, but alas, we must suggest.
hmm, now what is this? the ingredients… hints and riddles about the larger world, surreal bits of movement, flashes of flesh (I could give her breasts by golly)… before she is commissioned and given a quest, so she girds herself for battle, she is about to transform the planet, she is an agent of the tricskter joe, the trickster from hell reclaimed, today i’ll switch sides, today i am the tool of the angels, and he turns her key and sets her off. so she is not dancing a sad dance, she is preparing for the unknown, she must be herself, a little lost and completely authentic. now go… and she does what women do, they prepare for the conquest, they prepare to be taken, to feel delicious and desirable and therefor to be it, to bring to them that which they most hate! and of course desire and cherish. it’s a world of duality son, why am i going down the hall? my uncle died and was resurrected. he was always playing jokes on me, with me… so that’s a pretty good joke – coming back from the dead! what a card! but he told me to do something which is gonna be a lot of fun. i’ll be the burning bag of dogshit on his front porch. and he’ll laugh, because he get’s it. hardly anyone get’s it these days. the whole thing (end of the easy times) is part of the joke, eventually everyone will remember to laugh. for now though, i’ve got to keep a straight face, I’ve got to play it like this, straight. then everyone will be surprised, It’ll be the biggest surprise of all, ha ha, you thought you were totally fucked, but a lot of people are dead. well that’s the cosmic joke, i didn’t kill them but the bottom line is someone did. when they look back on it all they’ll realize hey, i got shocked or surprised and that makes me want to shout out the laughter. this is great, i don’t know how it’s all going to come out, the finish is not exactly known but everybody’s going to laugh and laugh. this is great. now i’ve got to be me, i’ve got to play me really well, i’ve got to find the perfect me sort of look, considering all the factors. i am definitely wearing my magic bra, that’s a given. i just washed it and i smell pretty so it’s a definite. ok so what works with the magic bra? it’s got to come off in ust the right way, whether i am taking it off or he is. it’s got to show and hide and hint all at once. and it’s got to feel good, yeah. i want to feel right all the way on my skin, how the weight of it holds me. and look, well how it looks, how i’ll look in his arms, how his dick will look when our cloths are coming off. i’ll bet his cock is lovely. i have to talk to his cock first and the rest of him will follow along, the eyes of his cock and his hands. i know when i see it. everything has to come off before he takes it off. ideas, ideas. where to start. first i’ll start with that great ugly blue grocery bag the earth mother dress. humor, but not the right kind at first. he’ll get that dress later. let’s just look at it though because i’ll wear it for him later when he knows what’s under it and the frumpy granola girl thing will make him want to tear it off me, I’ll be begging him to tear it off me. like the puritan ladies, i’ll bet they begged the men with their eyes to tear off all that, so let’s just put it on for now and that’ll be like magic, because i’ll be wearing it later for sure.
so she’s preparing, but what is it about? girl dancing at the end of the world? a look back on the western culture, on the expression of women as individuals, referencing the past without going over the top, 70’s mod, 40’s military, 30’s elegance and film noir, 60’s love child, sparkle dress is 50’s i guess, though it’s also vegas… it’s all these aspects of western culture, the elegance, the military and revolutionary, the misfit and dissident… i think we must find each of the representative views and sculpt them.

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