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progress – unrealistic predictions

ladies and gentlemen, this is the last month of 2006. I wrote this script in october of 2005, and so it’s over a year since the inception, now it’s about keeping it within 2006. certainly i can do this. just work on it constantly and never stop until it’s done, never mind that we have holidays and a major trip in the planning stages. what matters now is the absolute and total focus on the process, i don’t want to get into the rah rah mode, it’s not about making extravagant claims and then a month from now feeling let down. rather we are just outlining the plan, and alerting all the aspects to the objective.

december 1st today. how many other december 1st’s have i seen, 43 now or 44? cuarenta e cuatro, counting year zero. what we are really outlining is a plan to finish in the next two weeks, honestly. after that, it’s just gonna be too crazy, especially if i strike out for michigan, which i don’t think is gonna happen cause the steve kelly’s will be here abouts. ok, so. let’s take a peek at the calendar and then consult the aspects. there’s nothing but routine operations during the next 14 days, so we can just block it out, granted activity might drift into the 3rd or even fourth week, but i’d like to shoot for a two week completion. let’s consult the aspects and get some advice.

aspects, their days and voices

aspects, their days and voices

monday – shaman

– Shaman

– giving this vision to the world is important to me because it tells of the force of life, how life returns and humans either align themselves with life or against it. not just human life, all life, LIFE, the big L. Can humans hold themselves more deserving of existence than the trees and insects and expect to survive? this is wrong living that has gone on too long. let them see what is coming, what has already arrived, for these pictures are not computer graphic fantasys, but rather real places forgotten by men and left to be reclaimed by life. and the whisperings of the voices in the air, the radio spirits, let all men hear what i hear, let all women know what i know about these matters. it’s worthy and good. i am completely in support of finishing DOG right away, and will bring my powers to this, the power of protection from the fell adversaries who attempt to keep the teachings broken. all life supports us in our work, every tree and rock lends us strength. the little electric gods and the deities of this studio, also the mother and her children help us. i am here.
– thank you shaman, your words are like water, pure, clear and refreshing
tuesday – trickster

– Trickster

– ah well i like dog because it’s kooky and quirky and fun. it’s confusing, but in the way i like, it swipes the chair out from under the ass of the audience, and they topple backward into a pile of steaming autumn leaves. i get to have a lot of influence, one might say this is my movie, certainly i’ve been involved right through. so yep, i bless this movie, it’s everything a trickster loves and i’ll spreading the wealth for years to come with this sucka. so i’ll dive in and infuse it with my love til it’s as good as it’s ever gonna be, and i want it out there at full power, i won’t let it go until it’s ramped up and ready to rock, and i feel itchy to have to out there so i’m ready to rock. let’s go!

– thanks trickster, it’s true you inform this, i thank you for being so present and reminding me of what i love

– wednesday – warrior

– Warrior

– I am curious to see the effect of this movie on the gestalt of dan kelly and our presence in the world. we have learned many things from this effort, most importantly as far as i am concerned, we have learned how to be brave, how to dare to live. I want to hold this up and say, we made a stand and became whole. forward.

– warrior, i am coming to rely on you more, i awaken you finally and am so relieved to see you here and ready, your presence is what i’ve been keening for these years and at last you are here. thank you

– thursday – monk / mystic

– Monk / Mystic

– this is an important work, it represents the last chance for dan kelly to be. he has moved through the tests and trials of life, now we shall see if he has learned. he has assimilated and integrated much, he has suffered loss and survived, but finally, he must face himself. this movie is a mirror of his life, a mirror of his own making, a collage of sorrow and laughter and fierce courage. i am here, always. possibly i’ve been his primary refuge, his identity as the lover stumbled. i have been his protection. how he steps into his wider self, recognizing more of his being, embracing all he can feel. i advise and guide and am always here. go forth and be, dan kelly.

– god monk and mystic, i know i’ve been so identified with you, but now i understand how much i am, what i allow myself to be. you’ve been the scarecrow to my dorothy, but i understand that you have been waiting for me to awaken or identify and embrace all of myself. here we are, and it’s so good, god thank you, all of you.

– friday – artist

– Artist

– hey, about this movie, i’ve got no complaints. it’s true there’s a lot more about movie making than just amping up my powers and that’s a little frustrating, but at the same time i am really very engaged. I’ve been the outward identity of this rag tag group, hey i’m an artist, and you know, it’s important all that we’ve gone through, it’s all been just so. i want to get this damn thing into the world, finally. i love the process, but it’s imagining the audience that get’s me fired up – showing it to others. imagining it out in the world, traveling to festivals and sitting in the audience. damn that sounds like fun. and ok if not this one, then the next. in the meantime this is the work that could possibly reach the most, this is the kind of work that could reach the most. i think two weeks is laughably short to complete the intricate finishing work, i mean i’m the guy turning knobs and setting lights so to speak, but hey i am all for it, the sooner the better.
artist, i know what we are asking here is a little unrealistic, but wouldn’t it be fun to pull it off. we can all have a good chuckle over that, another miracle pulled out of our ass. thanks for bringing us back to earth where all this is gonna happen.

– saturday – lover

– Lover
— sacrifice
— bliss
— hunger
— lust
— desire
— connection
— rapport
— trust
— merge
— unity
— completion
— fulfillment
— devotion
– i know we’ve all talked over the past and my part in dominating the stage. there’s still a part of me that wants to rage and justify every moment. but we are 43 and i feel a little tired, i’ve tasted the sweet air of the high altitudes and been suffocated under the avalanche. not to get to poetic here, but i understand i’ve got to come back. all this energy was poured into me and i wasn’t built to handle everything, that’s why we are all here together. i feel i could live again, i could be vibrant and contribute again, i just want to ask for your patience while i come back. i notice looking at my attributes that completion and fulfillment are mine, so basically finishing this project is up to me. also unity, which implies the unity of all of us. understanding this is by itself, helpful. in the past, i directed my power towards other and not so much inward. what was given to other was needed by self, by us. other will return perhaps, perhaps not. i understand that my power is for us, for our children, our mission. we directed our power to other and then returned to self once that had been established, but it should havve been the other way around, for giving to other before establishing love here, before establishing self, it takes the charge right out of the battery. the self needs to be the generative force, and the love is the battery that flows into the self. it’s a lousy metaphor as far as physics goes, but the engine needs the love to get us anywhere, whether alone or with another. other can use the love, but then she leaves us behind, for we have not the energy to follow, to be by her side. ok, so this is the longest winded speech and i know we are ready to eat something, so i’ll just say, i am ready to learn a new way, and i ask you all to assist me, to recieve my energies and power to be whole with me. dog has been and will be our first conscious collaboration, and finishing it means the emergence of a functional identity, a human being. i am ready.

– thanks lover, we welcome you back

sunday – universe

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