core / life master / 2006 / november / 11/19/06 (11/19/06)

becoming a master storyteller through robust living

tai chi is the physical expression of principles underlying all. what is effective, to feel. to become acutely aware of sensation. to pay attention to it, to explore it’s range and depth. to go deeper and feel the universe, every flutter of leaf, the thoughts and feelings of others, the slight torque of the trunk of an oak in the wind. what is happening inside, what i am inside, muscle bone and whelming up of emotion, the knowing in all it’s flavors. knowing inside, attentive to within the outside is also available. this feeling, deep, inside.
i stay at home to train. even movies are not frivolous, they are the ocean we choose to sail. emotion, story.
so if we train and open awareness, the principles become inate, the can inform everything we are. the movies we make transform, for they are living information. the tai chi shows the way, emmersion in the water of being, it’s not ground of being, it’s the water of being, three dimensional waves, the peaks and troughs of information, nothing bubbling.
move me as thou wilt, goddess. i am your champion on earth.

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