core / life master / 2006 / november / 11/08/06 (11/08/06)

challenges in developing the project inventory, michigan as home base
reading my history doesn’t mean i have to identify with it, relive it. it’s interesting as history, the history of this person who i was. but now who am i?

i am to some degree encumbered by the history, but interested in just completing the processing of same and moving on, integrate and open. new experiences like cuba and a movie where there’s no-one i know, experiences to wake up the slumbering god. here in michigan, the archiving of experience, unplugging the pain circuits and making them into understanding. our work here (at artist house) is to clear out that which is non functional, to organize the archives and make this house into a backpack, a toolbox. i don’t know if i’ll ever live here again in the sense that i LIVED here before, i am not sure i’ll live anywhere again like that. but it’s perfectly appropriate to set it up as a secret base or project lab. there are vast quantities of clutter still which hold the past and make it difficult to process. that’s the inertia of the past holding on. what i mean by living here or anywhere is the idea that anyone one place is mine more than another. everywhere i stand is home, just that some places are more familiar or delightful than others. i have not abandoned the temple, i have left to cut the attack off at the source.

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