core / life master / 2006 / september 9/29/06 (9/29/06)
plans, mostly post and some B UNIT. picture lock, changing scene, mix

picture lock, that’s what i’d like to achieve. thus the trips upstate. what we must do is decide to finish now. that means today, this weekend and next week. what’s left?
ok this is a short list but here we go…
– five or six apocalyptic locations, identify and reshoot
– identify uncle joe scenes and reshoot
– permission releases from all locations
– an edit apporach for the changing scene
– music, rerecord lyrics and master
– picture lock goshdarn it, the best footage we’ve got for the whole thing
– sound mix, better clearer punchier dialogue, low room noise
– credits
— for charly
– legal stuff – copyright contracts etc.
– extras – postcards, dvd cases, website, festivals

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