core / life master / 2006 / september / 9/12/06 (09/12/06)
progress, fudip, contracts, hvx, changing sequence

hello my friend it’s me. or rather i, it is i. we are us and so forth. well let’s just play good things today. i am on the trail of something. the apocalypse song has some grain of beauty in it, somewhere. it could be the beginning, however can we plug everyone in so soon. are the opening images and a song with lyrics too much? today is contract day, it’s going to feel very good to mail those suckers off. we can certainly try calling mom and pop, george and ? and see what they know about the man, where he might be at. ok, three really great things – i am singing and playing again and recording. that is fun and could get even more fun in the future. there are moments when i really like what i do. yesterday i learned some exceptional things about my HVX. color and more. that’s very fun. last night i took what could turn out to be lovely images of the twin tower beams. i am really working on the movie now, thinking original music and a meaningful middle part. this is major construction what we are up to now. the choice is finishing with what we have or going deeper and cutting away all the trivia. the middle part where she changes, that’s key

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