core / life master / 2006 / november / 7/22/06 ( 7/22/06)
god penetrates the defensive bulwark via spiritual commando

later that same day

let’s face it, I am a different sort of animal. i will not be neutralized. ha, go ahead unseen adversary, you know that the most you can do is toss stumbling blocks in my path, but i am coming for you, i am standing for my earth family, and whatever your about, whatever you are, matters not. i am coming on and coming on strong. keep me lonely if you can, you’ve tried to sicken me, but couldn’t make it stick. you might jam my channels, i’ll find others. damaged, broken, crushed, i keep rising up. watch me recover. you might steal my will, i will grow another. you might erase my memory, my family and the gods stand ready to remind me. my mind is everywhere. i am the universe.

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