core / life master / 2006 / july / july 15 (07-15-06)
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now i am thinking about logging, about how to do it. if I try to log every line, every nuance, by god i’ll be here forever. what i need is to select the high lights, the parts that really work well. what would those be? strong performances, clear and articulate audio, striking visuals. what we need to be doing is selecting the best stuff, not logging every moment. that really means watching and listening intently. I’ve already made some choices, like dark hall vs light hall. it’s perfectly fine to see her in the hall and then cut to a dark interior, that automatically deselects the bright door shots. choices like that, is this or that better? it means going through and analyzing what’s going on, what our options are. for instance, there are major branches where i’ve created options to work with, either this way or that. sometimes three or four options. so what this logging is all about is documenting the branches, the variety of coverage and how each possibility might jive with the rest of the material. so we watch for options. we can also situate ourselves someplace shady and quiet, the backyard comes to mind with that long extension cord which has not yet been brought in. i need to account for those and the rest of my extension cords as part of my kit
we’ve all suffered, everyone struggles and is defeated, is hurt, crushed and broken. my lot is no worse than most, and a lot easier than many. not to downplay my pain, certainly i’ve had a heapin helpin. what’s the point? the score you get after it’s all said and done is based on how well we bounced back from our trials, what one has been able to accomplish after getting creamed and ravaged and ridiculed. can you heal? what’s your rate of recovery? how big a hit can you take and stand back up? that’s what it’s about, rise up and recover, heal and learn the lesson, reintegrate, mutate and thrive!
so that’s what i’d like to exemplify. first, how to slide by destruction and second, how to come back after the smack. how to be calm and peaceful during chaos, how to groove in dicey situations, staying cool no matter how desperate the sitch, keeping a twinkle in the eye and a sly smirk on the lips if the shit hits the fan. certainly, avoid the convergence of flying shit and spinning fans, but if your caught by surprise, deal with elegance and aplomb.

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