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charly hansen dies
today i am either leaving or staying. i plan to clean and have everything i am taking with me ready, and cleaning out the house. then we’ll just wait to see what we hear here by 1:00pm. this is my mind speaking and as i turn my attention to the moment, i am back. smoking pot last night was fun and it reminded me about being relaxed. i notice this morning a tendency towards platitudes. charly hansen is dead. passed yesterday. so i salute my friend, and prepare to move forward with my life today, to go back to nyc and do what i’ve set out to do. this is more just word fluff. what can i write that has substance? last night at jim and gretchen it was just noise about this and that, there was no real power in what i was saying. of course, they had a baby on center stage, so they were a little distracted. i am used to that now. so, it’s no big deal.
this is still babble, nothing much of interest coming out of me. so, the plan is to clean and prepare to bamos, be ready to bamos by 1:00. then make a decision. 2:00 departure means arrival in manhattan around 5:00 am tomorrow. well see.

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