PLAN / 2006 / notes for dog (06-06-09)
notes on takes, levels, color correction
notes for dog.rtf
notes on the edit

in the opening door, should she smile right away? i think not

at the start, we need blueprints of that boat scanned in.

that’s amazing… christi calm down – better take of this from bed

investigate replacing “angel or what” with sync 7 bed take (C) 25:37:07
also shit sorry… same take

could impose a flashing dvd in the foreground of the shot to make it work

look at reflection on c’s face for “here, check it out”. could be a nice effect

check C1-1 gerry wanders in dark – scrap… opening?

notes on 6/7/06

title daughter of god, problem with book of same name?

timing of opening theme to pictures, use changes in theme to augment fades

add blueprint scans

shorten christina popping, only two choruses

look christina i… this isn’t a joke ok – loose the i…

sound of the hall

4:31:00 several radio interference


5:55:00 dramatic change in room tone

better take of calm down?

take away her laugh at – “is it because i am a lesbian?”

“here, check it out” dramatic room tone change

your a woman, make it happen, better take

speed up the beat on changing sequence

her hi in hallway is soft too quiet

color correction on kitchen scene

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