dog notes

1. what went right

1. good cast and crew

2. what went wrong

1. not enough crew

2. cut my job into more chunks

3. more time on lighting

4. more time on set dressing and props

5. ann and melonie – two different ideas of the story when prop shopping

6. who is christina, what’s her personality in thier words

7. lot of last minute luck, more detail that would have supported what they were doing

8. the tea cups fine and well made

9. ann has a better idea of what is needed more involved in the story earlier

10. it made sense that his character would have something like that

11. boat was under used

12. more clues about who they were

13. carmen different characters in different scenes, hard to understand how those different things could be embodied in one character

14. they are a bridge

15. when you come into someone’s house, you look at their bookcase

16. what a person really is is the stuff they have around them

17. more attention to detail, how to spend the right amount of time on the detail

18. time for more stuff, better distribution of work

19. what is dan willing to give up? who are they?

1. writing

2. direction

3. camera work

4. acting

5. lights

6. stage management

20. what can I realistically do

21. show others that i am on it

22. leaving the country

1. removal from from your normal

2. captive team – all were having fun and focused

3. it’s all about the people

4. laynea wasn’t well utilized, later she realized she could join in

23. more time by myself, getting to the location earlier

24. takes time to assimilate and know what to do

25. people waiting to be told what to do is pressure

26. more time – a few more days

27. it’s all about prep

28. ann the room was under used

29. first few days, waiting for something to happen

30. steve was a lifesaver he ironed out carmen’s nervousness…

31. poeple have strong opinions and then let go

32. more time focusing on the job and less time on steve

33. definition and training, do this and let go

34. not dealing with all the pleases and thankyou

35. lean and mean, but how do we make this happen

36. the kit – box van, everyone has two skills, not simultaneous jobs…

37. laynea, quiet, not taking sides not taking a position

38. kit system for production requires further research – storage

39. insurance with serial numbers

3. can’t leave the kid behind again

1. daycare staff

4. matching cameras – how do we keep track of file names in the hurly burly of production

5. matched times on all capture computers.

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