PLAN / 2006 / description daughter of god (05/03/06)
what is this about? seeking synopsis a snappy elevator pitch
description daughter of god.rtf
boat at dawn rolling in waves, lots of tape time lapse

It’s the end times again. waves of refugees become catastrophe, disaster, turmoil, plague. the chosen people are screwed

great waves of refugees

it’s the end times again

ok, so an angel, a virgin, and a monk are on this boat see, and the angel says to the virgin…

the situation is exceptionally dire on planet earth, god’s chosen are obsessed with suicide, the dead walk the earth, war, plague, turmoil, catastrophe and chaos rage on. but the curtain hasn’t dropped the shadow government has fallen

refugees are tucked into every corner of the civilization’s crumbling foundations

In the first blush of the end times, a cell phone call from her dead uncle sends a young refugee on a mission of salvation, seduction, or something. She’s going to give birth to the daughter of god – and not a moment too soon considering the dire global situation. It will be twice the miracle if she can get the recluse down the hall to collaborate.

The real miracle will be getting the quirky awkward recluse, a man made of shadows,There’s a quirky awkward recluse down the hall who has to cooperatet’ll be twice the miracle.

A cell phone call from her dead uncle brings strange tidings to a young lesbian refugee – she is going to give birth to the daughter of god. To fulfill her destiny, she must get help from the awkward recluse down the hall. Meanwhile, it’s the end times… again!

It’s the end times again and folks are on the move! Climate change, natural disasters, political polarization, economic chaos and weaponized contagion have

The west is reaping a dark harvest for decades of suicidal policy environmental and international apathy

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