core / 2006 / february / 2/04/06 – 2/17/06 (02/17/06)
gerry monolog “the closer you get to waking the more traumatic life becomes”

I definitely have something that’s like a repellent to women. it’s not just that i am inept, it’s that I am literally repelling women, driving them back. bad breath or pimples or just plain personality disorder. or a hex. i think that’s what’s up, there’s a big old hex on me. the more i am challenged, the stronger i get. those who aren’t threatened yet, don’t know the score. the closer you get to waking, the more traumatic life becomes. these disciplines i have learned are not about being fit, confident and empty, they are about survival. that’s why I’ve been given these gifts, why I practice them. they keep me in the game.

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