core / 2006 / february / 2/04/06 – 2/11/06 (02/11/06)
sketch for gerry backstory

snowy evening, a guy and a girl are playing in the yard outside their apartment. they see the neighbors window lit and throw a few snowballs at it. he sticks his head out and dares them to hit him with a snowball. after several misses, he razzes them and closes the window.

girl – what’s a good looking guy like him doing home alone on a Saturday night?

guy – well he had this really intense female related trauma


well he was in love with this girl and she suddenly went insane and tried to kill him, she came at him with a knife.

what’s the big deal, I’ve attacked plenty of my boyfriends with knives…

yeah well he’s a rabbit, sensitive. it makes a difference

wow, poor guy. so he’s just holed up in there.


someone’s gonna have to be really nice to him

fat chance on this planet. perhaps he could pray for divine intervention
maybe god’s saving him up for someone special. the miracle girlfriend

let’s go threaten each other with knives

you’re on

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