core / 2006 / february / 2/04/06 / script (02/04/06)
uncle joe’s romanatic autobiography (maybe obliquely true)
guy underground, lit by flickering fire. little black kid talking to him. Tell me your whole story uncle joe, tell me a scary story. there was once this beautiful little girl and her dad worked for the airforce but he was really a spook. the daddy took the little girl away when she was a little little girl and turned her into a robot, he sold her to science spooks and they bent her mind and made little doors that they could sneak in through later, and the worst part is her own dad took her there. so when she grew up she wasn’t right, and her dad would beat her up if she started to heal, she had three brothers and a mom and they didn’t stop him. She was a really special girl, she was meant to save the earth, and maybe that’s why they bent her bad when she was little, so she could be easily controlled and not save the earth.

well she grew up into a beautiful woman and had plenty of boyfriends, but the spooks pointed her towards one particular fellow who wasn’t so right himself but was he was trying to save the world, and maybe he could of but they pointed her at him and struck him down so he could barely think. she had him coming and going. she broke him like a toothpick. and he had to run down into the earth into the dark and hide from people after that, he was good for nothing. except monstering around in the dark.

and that guy was you uncle joe?

yep, that guy was me.

but your not going to stay down here now are you?

no honey, you made me see the light. now i can fight hard.

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