core / life master / 2005 / 08 / End of August 2005 (08-31-05)
pre palm springs film festival
so if i am going to palm springs, what is my strategy? my strategy is to create a killer project reel, to not even include michael’s work on it, and to finesse this whole trip for myself. he doesn’t get it at all, so i am going to demonstrate to him what it’s all about. that means i’ll need to understand something about the biz – contracts and legal references. also to prep my suits, my body, to cut a kick ass reel in the next two weeks, to ramp up my web site. that’s what palm springs is about. i warned him, now it’s time to show him. when i speak, you listen. you are a cub and me too, but i am a bigger and older cub. i am going to teach you how to be a player and in the process, teach myself.

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