The Queue includes captured tasks and a rough sequencing of same.

2015 version
miniatures and model shop for sequence 1-9, 13, 16, 17, 18

prepare shop
modeling tools and supplies
spray booth


is there an issue with doing a verbatim reading from Radio Free Albemuth?
LLCs deployed, DOG and Trickster Pictures


regular wp db backups


Timeline continue to flesh out
connect all the wires, reference pages
this action plan
in the vortex

2014 version

  • design of props

relief box labels
retrieve all advertising ideas

  • compositing / adjusting roto

hair and body splines separated
masks expansion and feather tweaked
complete consolidation with modular projects, eg the relief box labels stay as a separate file that is imported, only one set of comps gets replaced in the master and all older versions can then be removed.

solve saving/render issue with imported masks
simplify files while keeping experimental treatments

why don’t some files import? What’s the fix?

  • clean and organize documentation

Split vision and planning into separate posts. Naming convention – Post (titled date) with diverse topics becomes date.1, date.2.

  • update the master DOG list – project completion
  • organize, duplicate and store all dog drives
  • assemble complete consolidation
  • prep for new shots DECIDE what are new shots?
  • final image treatment – background color, depth of field, bokeh (see shot 53, 68)