What was a movie, a metaphor, a game is now actuality. The movie to make is the guide book to the now, so many stories, that which doesn't fit into a prior category, here we are.

The kitten and I create a circuit together, configured in posture, I in a sort of Nuit like sky overarching and her below like a sphinx as originally conceived. Can you imagine that two living beings could become a more complex structure, redolent with a sense of purpose, just by the way they align in space? The purpose doesn't have to be known, defined, just felt and... enjoyed. There doesn't have to be more.

I then think of the orchard as a configuration, the farm as a configuration which might be a shield, or a transmitter, or even a sort of weapon. These are words which can be held loosely, without a hard edge, sans category. Again, just the feeling, the poetry which points, nods in the direction of, which is good enough for words.

And I speak these words for you. The time of magic and wizards has arrived. The time of wizards and mages coming out of the closet, remembering themselves and saying, "Ah, oh yes." I remember now.

I am such a wizard. I am a unique and radiant presence, powerful in the imaginative arts, the undertoad, wondertow, that which is the ground of all being, what really is. What I have dreamt of, known my whole life, what all those Jesus's in National Geographic are trying to articulate in broken languages and flawed paradigms... this am I. Simple. Forget the garbled revelations of the whatever culture, that's just inconsequential now, paradigmatically. Just not relevant. I get to touch what I am and remake myself as I choose.

The farm, the house. These properties are part of me, they are essentially great lenses / energy projectors, I remember /discover / conceive of them as such. All the shimmering scraps and bits that I have gathered around me, that have washed up on my shore are clearly components of various totalities I have the delight to assemble - hobie cats, corvairs, barns, bats even, orchards, gardens. This body for sure. Kittens. All circuits, assemblages, magic sword shards. "Careful, sharp!"

That's enough for now, I have spoken. That's the tiny bit of excellence from the most recent Star Wars, that character. The shimmering excellence offered, I am becoming the recognizer, the maker. In these wild and wooly times, we are all being called to go beyond the aches and pains we habitually identified as our life, and f-ing HUMAN (verb).

Uncle Joe returns to his ancestral farm/lands, there to repair and make ready the ancient weapon, the nature of which is not clear to him but which he intuits to exist, half remembered, dimly suspected. If the game is played narratively, if the battle is to be waged with story, he can certainly go there.


I've often referred to the corona virus phenomena as a mind virus, because most of the danger arises out of fear itself, as FDR opined. The greatest threat posed by the virus is clearly not death or life long debilitation, but the fear that the phenomena has facilitated in people everywhere. One might say, the corona virus is a toxic metameme, a scary story that has snagged the processing power of brains all over the place. Granted, brains that have been softened and made vulnerable by the long lull of consumer culture, the suicidal aesthetic of convenience uber alles. I love that reference to the Nazis btw, because what modern narrative is complete without a nazi reference for starters, but also to remind us of the logical fallacy the Germans made way back when? And that many in the west seem to be fine with repeating the last bunch of decades.

So... I realize this is a wizard's battle and that the primary weapon of the Clique both within the Daughter of God's Toy Universe, and if they actually exist in what I will blithely refer to as real reality, is... story. Once again, with feeling. The primary weapon of the Clique is story, narrative. Realizing this makes me feel all sorts of ballsy, cocky. After a bit of face palming first to be sure, then make with the man genitalia metaphors. Because here am I, artist, movie maker. I love a kick ass story and I feel uniquely equipped to story, narrate. Melonie hinted as much in the distant past "I think this is your thing," (paraphrase). Why haven't I been able to finish Daughter of God, a project initiated in 2005? Here's a story... The movie was presage, forshadowing. Both the theme of post apocalypticism and the mysterious merging of life/art that has come to pass.