shucks just lost the last version of this post, just vanished.


What if we posted all the elements of DOG online to enable collaborator experimentation and remix? Two benefits 1) I have to inventory all the elements anyway, I keep flashing on what's out there, it's wanting to resurface. 2) Inspired by the crazy brilliant Croats from Slice of Life from 4 years ago, posting everything could be another nudge to the open source studio exploit.

So far, we've tried the meandering podcasts and chunks of the movie to encourage feedback, but since I've got to inventory anyway, why not create an archive online that matches the local archive? The original footage is really just proxies, since we are planning for mad Topaz up rez of all the 720p footage.

Do we post timecode burned versions so we can replicate really fabulous sequences, or just let the wizards out there have at it and use whatever they make as is?

FTP upload site for sure.

and the message

Soaking up crazy amounts of elite-ish lore, and the ambitious global thought control experiment championed by the latest models of robot overlords. All this feeds the story, how to tuck all the unfolding RL fun into the story, without whipping out the sledge hammer. Subtle, savvy?