The following is a temporal map of possible futures so that the most optimal choices can be identified. I was going to do this mostly for myself, but I decided to create a resource I could share with a select few. I've been talking about this for going on 3 decades. I was even making a movie about it.

This is not a guide to prepping -  how to have stores of food, medicines and weapons in a secure location, whether home or elsewhere. If you're not already doing some of that, then you might want to consider getting started.

This timeline is intended to promote financial resilience, to preserve and even expand our stores of value, that is to say our family's options going forward. Money itself could fundamentally change, and even a meager amount of current savings can be transformed into a vast array of options if we are paying attention.

I've been following my intuition about what and who to watch on youtube. Keep in mind that I have an unconventional perspective and that I am operating on premises you may not totally agree with. If my premises and perspective invalidates this resource for you, then so be it.

Conspiracy Nut

So let's get a few of my assumptions out of the way and if you find them unpalatable, you can go back to watching CNN and FOX.

Sometime around the establishment of the USA's 3rd central bank in the 20s, [Century of Enslavement] a shift in citizen self perception was initiated, what we now call consumerism. [Century of the Self] To turn the concept of self governance into voting with our dollars, to make democracy and capitalism synonymous. The so called free market was replaced by a control scheme, managed by the Federal Reserve. The stated policy of continuous inflation has steadily decreased the buying power of the USD. That's why a candy bar costs a dollar instead of a nickle.

That decrease in buying power through inflation would be thought of as an invisible tax, a wealth transfer from people to institutions and their shareholders. A scheme weighted to gradually vacuum potential and autonomy out of the commons for private accumulation at the top - shareholders of central banks.

This scheme, proliferated around the world through central banking, has chugged on for about a century. The system is now top heavy with wealth accumulation and unstable, on the verge of collapse.

Central banks are not our friends, they are not accountable to the citizenry and have been set up specifically to harvest value from the commons. Primarily through the manipulation of fiat currency, and prevailing / accepted ideas about what money is. Therefor understanding how to transcend these ideas could be useful. USD is a failing instrument, and we want to know when and how to exit.

Not all of the information in the videos is 100% accurate. We can open our perception and activate intuition to suss out a story that jives with our experience and guide our decisions.