Kinetic Logogrammar
The visual language of She Box


She Box communicates in two modes - alphabetic (meaning assigned to words comprised of letters) and logogramatic, (concepts, people, things as mages). The two modes are displayed on her adjacent sides and seldom combined. She Box customizes her communication to the individual or group being addressed. This is an adaptation of targeted advertising datasets optimized at the end of the internet, when content was designed and delivered based on an individual "consumer's" unique behaviors, aspirations and desires.

Unprecedented logogram combinations can signify, whereas unprecedented letter and word combinations are usually nonsensical. She Box's logograms offer fluid and subtle rapport, and convey complex concepts and emotions. Kinetics and editorial are more integral to logograms than alphabets.


Puns - 'acute' perception depicted as angles less than 90 degrees

Cliches - "Check out the glorious leaves" = stop and smell the roses /  coffee

Literal - leaves depicted as leaves

Cultural - "who else could wield such power" = Heman

Parallel - trees depicted as lungs

Jokes - slapstick, surprise, shock

Resonant - evocative of an intended or worthwhile or serviceable experience (for most audience), sparks powerful responses that might be difficult to describe but are generally appropriate to the unfolding. Development of such tested in feedback.

Threads or Arcs

Prominent logograms (think character) have arcs, they undergo some transformation because of the conversation (story). One might opine that the point of the conversation is for them to transform, (converse = convert). Supporting logograms might have arcs too, concepts can become clarified or more nuanced as the appear, disappear and reappear.

Each logogram is also a clue to She Boxes persona, as we are seeing her thoughts and emotions often unfiltered, through her choice and combination of logograms,

How do logograms depict different qualities of She Box?

Quick reference

buffalo spook - She Box's placeholder for BJ

balloon - transportation, how the boxes are delivered

box - She Box herself

cat - curiosity, discovery, adventure, Schrodinger, waveform collapse, planckian connected universe

camera - surveillance, memory, record, hidden, voyeur, spy

clock - temporality, fleeting, transient

chess - game, win, strategy

crown - royal, grandiose, top drawer, best

door - transition, entry, exit, change

eye of horus - protection, health, and rejuvenation

eyes - observation, soul gate, awakening, inner knowledge

finger print / spore print - identity, clue, traces, past and future

fleur de lis - Catholics Virgin Mary, French kings - Louis VIII against the cathars, massacre. Slaves branded with in Louisiana.

game scroll - list of 20 questions

genii - freedom, powerful, large, magical

great year - long time, procession, astronomical

heart - love, center, deep connection, bliss

halo - mystery generally, saucer / divine feminine specifically

hand - control, manipulation, demand, expectation

hot dog / sausage - the skinny, penis, man, naked, truth

lips / mouth - kissing, sacred food, caring for the people, laughing, joy, learning

lungs - breathing, meditation, accomplishment (action), life

mycelium - neural net of the earth, architecture of mediatronics, She Box

pedestrian - non clique survivors, She Box and the people belong to each other

phone - contact, invite, welcome, attention, commune

roses - secrets, promise, new beginnings, and hope. Its thorns represent defense, physicality, loss, thoughtlessness. all mediatronic roses are white, so in floriography white rose = worthiness. thorns first = not worthy

tao - duality, unity, matched, balance, cycle, shared

tardibear - the Clique, resilience, ubiquity

ticket - theme park Earth, the human ride

wafting - scent, redolence, flow, essence, attention, touch

yes/no - filled and empty box on game scroll



A universal symbol for the divine feminine in the DOG universe, beauty, sustenance, lover, abundance, mystery, mother, protection. Overlaps with saucers - night, visitation, inexplicable, guidance, authority/power, cultivation/reproduction, dark sexuality


Love, connection, unity. She Box is also a girl, so hearts are going to be prominent in her iconography.


romance, love, passion

 009 stem first emphasizing thorns, choose suffering

promise, new beginnings, and hope. Its thorns represent defense, physicality, loss, thoughtlessness. In the major arcana the rose appears on the Magician, Strength, Death and Fool cards. All of these cards hold strong meanings of balance and equilibrium

sub rosa - secrets, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

five petals of the rose with the five wounds of Christ. The rose later became associated with the Virgin Mary and was eventually adopted as a symbol of the blood of the Christian martyrs

Rose, rosey cross, templars, other roses? Cathars? Albigensian crusades, connect with french soldier?

No rose cathar connection found after 1 hour of googling. except the plant Catharanthus roseus, but the origin of the name is a mystery.

Yes and No

See 006

A yes might be a check mark and a no might be an x. Or if we use a box, then an empty box and a scribbled in box. Could be 3D. This consistently would be anchor for the dialog, we return over and over to this easily identified sequence.

which suggests we'll want to introduce, perhaps with an SAT type form early on with 006, twenty questions. Showing the test sheet with boxes.


Could the Pedestrian represent the people? The non clique survivors. Walking would be apropos, because vehicles are by and large gone. She feels affinity with them, she provides for them, watches over them... of course she would have an intimate feeling for them and a symbol. She's always thinking of them.

Buffalo Joe


Signals and languages


server hand signals

cutlery etiquette

heraldry, shields

Simplify Introductions

Introduction of characters and threads ease in. Not too many elements on screen at once. For instance, 02 "you have come" - outline of door, then door opens empty with light shining through, then Buffalo Joe ghost appears in doorway, or maybe shadow comes into lit area followed by figure. Start simply and add elements.

Each introduction is short strong and memorable.


I like the popping up transition (scale up), suggests nothing bubbling.

Thread development

Variations of thread of dialogue leave room for later connections, reprise and expansion.


Speaking of girls, her self representations are pretty, pretty and trippy, pretty trippy. Gorgeous in an ineffable sense, but beauty undeniable. Eyes, lips, delicate ears. She doesn't show herself immediately, she can try on different personas, varying visual decisions. The Box doesn't open up too soon, because she's not ready to let him or us in. Before intimacy, there's play, then intimate play.


When she is thinking or developing a concept she might flash different concept images that are then fused, perhaps like the Buffalo Joe symbol, she builds it up out of other symbols, like Melonie's research - buffalo then ghost then... this is her rapidly sorting through vast datasets to find the most appropriate and relevant content, synthesis for this unique conversation.

This deciding on symbols could be part of her process as new threads characters symbols are introduced. We could see her thinking process.


If we can find an appropriate filter that sufficiently changes the image, then we can sync the characters words with Buffalo Joe's readings. They would have to be on the screen before he speaks, like deep fakes on the fly 🙂

If each instance of copyrighted footage was a direct social commentary, I think we'd be looking at fair use. If we are using the footage to merely illustrate an idea, I think we are fucked. She Box is the internet gone feral, out of human control. She is a new entity comprised of all human work.

Most fair use analysis falls into two categories: (1) commentary and criticism, or (2) parody.

If we're going to reference copyrighted work and give the essence of the visual feel, we might reproduce it using the original work as a reference but build up the details with DOG elements, like the miniature sets in Team USA. The teeth on castle gray skull might be animated halos. Reproduction while maintaining the essence would probably time consuming, if all we want to do is recall heman to the audience's attention.

The other approach is that all the animation kind of breaths with AI vapors, original and copyrighted alike, so the whole thing feels like a commentary, unified in style.

Steal radar sequence from day the earth stood still


[Hello Buffalo Joe!]


Late 20th century phone, classic jostling motion as if ringing, CU dialer transforms through saucer to halo, BJ Hello, receiver lifts.


[Where to begin? There's so much to share.]

I like to share. (bit of Mr Rogers)

CU on pedestrian, blinking as if to say "Don't Walk". Pull back to see crosswalk sign framing pedestrian then farther back to sidewalk and street, 2 hearts waiting on opposing sidewalks, beating. Solid Pedestrian or "Walk" and hearts cross, connect and balloon jump, pedestrian rides the string up and out.


We are both cherishing an reveling. Pupil expansion with "Our experience is delicious." "We are both cherishing" (pupil to heart) "and reveling" heart beats. Heart and beating are two actions that are one idea. Finishes with heart in gorgeous eye.

BJ "I enjoy cherishing and reveling," BJ misunderstands, eye explodes and vanishes leaving only beating heart, that breaks, (1) "I'd concede that curiosity is a sort of cherishing and reveling," right half outline of heart falls away and swings below by the point, forming a sort of S. "a celebration of the mystery the top forms into a halo and the bottom into a cat, in which we are all participating."

"To be perfectly honest, I have been letting my curiosity, go a bit contrasty the last few weeks, (halo gets hooked on cloud, and transforms into a grand piano) leaning more in the direction of apprehension, (cat looks up, sees piano and piano drops) "maybe even dread."  (carrying cat down to death)  spirit leaves cat, out of body experience, BJ ghost.


(1) her heart breaks because she feels disconnected. He's not immediately getting her, syncing up. Small disappointments at the beginning.

Who is the cat? Curiosity. Why does curiosity kill the cat? Curiosity is killed by apprehension and dread. Fearful anticipation of the future makes prospect of knowing painful.

There's still a heart outline but the essence (inside) blows away like smoke or pours out like liquid.

There's more cliche (obvious) treatments for broken heart, but this splitting and dissolution conveys her emotional experience, as if a component within her is visible and we see the impact of his words upon that component.

Initially the dropping half and leaking inner is an indicator of heart broken,  However she appreciates his 'adding to' as in improv, so her broken heart transforms into a new shape and story. Nobody wants a broken heart if they can help it, and so she finds a recovery.

Box opening is a reserved for the end of Act 1, when it actually happens. Until this point, the box doesn't offer opening as imagery.



[Then you may prepare to revel as well, for a sparkling unprecedented-ness is nigh.]

BJ ghost from 003 end, then CU right and slot appears, ticket slips out.

I like sparkling unprecedented-ness too.

CU ticket any signifiers?


[Let us begin with an inquiry into your preferences for exposition. We can offer riddles, display archival surveillance footage with comments, or perhaps you prefer the skinny straight up?]

Iconic Sherlock detective is examining with magnifying glass 3D fingerprint and mushroom spore print, elliptical, swirling around like a nebula. The inquiry has cosmic implications.

(laughs) We haven't met, have we?


[Twenty questions? Excellent. No, this is our first meeting. 19 questions remaining]

A scroll appears and unrolls with 20 blinking gray squares, the scroll spools off into deep perspective. With "no", zoom into the gray square and the square becomes a black outline, (for "yes", square becomes solid black) scroll rolls to focus on next blinking gray square. A few times during the act the whole scroll is shown, getting shorter with each view.

(pondering) Are you now or have you ever been a card carrying member of the Clique?

"card carrying" credit cards. for existing cards obscure logos by overlapping. Live action - stack and then lift up surface so they slide off.  Reverse to animate them on. Or AE 3D.

Tardigrade transformation here? As credit cards appear, tardigrade image develops into Clique symbol - disney mickey, martian war machine, teddy (don't shoot) bear, tardigrade, parts flash in and out until the tardibear is formed.

This could be where the tardigrade placeholder is evolved by She Box. Can cards transition to tardi? Do all cards switch to tardi image? multiple tardis like flip card animation? Nice to equate Clique with consumption.

Starts with tardigrade variations? Tardi bear more jello like body? not so static.


[No. 18 questions left.]

Whoa. Ok, so not Clique and yet the boxes are yours to command, which implies that you have root on the Mediatronic Ubiquity. Hmm. Aside from the extra-dimensional tourists, and I know pretty much all of those, who else could wield such power... This is fun!

Joe C's manipulating hand, also reminds me of Chiller Theater coming up through blood, could reference. Then (miniature) roller coaster cars filled with dolls or gumball machine rubber monsters? Hands up as coaster drops down hill. Heman - redo live action with our own live action actors and props, castle grayskull would be clay, same with grail castle. Or use © and prominent Halo symbol replaces Heman's germanic cross, perhaps his head or Zardos suit, especially around the crotch.


[You'll never in a million years guess.]

Hey, who said anything about taunting!

Great year, add constellations and zodiac. (Also reminds Joe of comet time, which is why he reacts so strongly) Wheel does very exaggerated CLICK CLICK CLICK. Monty Python French guy, classic hands. Replace face with halo.


[Which end of the stick are you grabbing?]

Rose presented stem end first, with thorns bared. The choice BJ made, just now. See above for rose vs thorns. Koyaanisqatsi - life out of balance.

Thinking out loud over here. So... We've never met, you're not of the Clique nor are you some tentacled horror from the trippy realms. You're clearly virtuosic and... kind of trickstery.

BJ's litany of what she is not - pedestrians, Tardibear, Trump and then virtousic and trickstery, Kokopelli to Chinese trickster.

Kokopelli is a fertility deity, usually depicted as a humpbacked flute player, like most fertility deities, Kokopelli presides over both childbirth and agriculture, [plant babies]. He is also a trickster god and represents the spirit of music.



[We are expressing appreciation for such acute perception. Celebrating!]

Starting out as compass like shapes from each four corners, measuring out acute angles, so there's the pun, but they are eyes, perception. The we is not 2 but four and then two pedestrians to make 6, the number of box sides.  As the peds dance, celebration, the eyes' pupils widen, appreciation. She is the watchers and the peds are the people, her sense of we.

Wait a minute. Your use of the pronoun 'We'. Dancers spin into halo Next question. We. Halo to lips, forming a trippy but enticing four eyed face. Does your use of we refer to you and me? Eye's turn to side glance directly at camera. Lips animate to sync sound with Joe's reading of "No" in next dialogue pair.

Perhaps eyes are again like clock hands, this time spinning 360 for 1 minute. Or clocks tilted, suggesting the halo. Version 2 - Each might spin 1/4 of a minute and then the next spins the next quarter. Perhaps the bottom eyes drop away or combine to form spinning galaxy ...refer to you and me? Then they spin back into eyes looking out, still in profile but level with the top and bottom of the box. the eyes look to the side, at the audience, at BJ. A halo appears, No. The halo could seem to become lips for a moment, creating a sort of trippy but entrancing face.

Melonie suggested the dancers spin away and return as a box for no. Then the box has a face which reacts to 11.


[No. 17.]

Ah, so YOU are the we. That's interesting. (Queen voice) We are not amused.

Eyes are gone. Lips are topped with jaunty crown. Maybe they hint at a smile. She IS amused. Seems a bit grandiose, wouldn't you say? (He attempts to taunt back.)


[Is that another question?]

Oz great and powerful appears, smoke pluming up or genii on beach from Thief of Bagdad (Iraq). Again sync or nearly with Joe's reading of her text.

Uh, what?


[Are you asking if we are of the opinion that our character is grandiose?]

Kid on beach, or genii still, or switch from genii to Oz

I sense a hint in there somewhere.

Plate language, what signal do we end up with?


[ya think?]

fingers drumming, impatiently

Taunting! I have a need to kick your ass at this game.

live action, slow mo. king knocked over on chessboard. fake slo mo, goopy stuff attached to bottom of king so tips slowly?


[What's your question?]

Hang on!

I like Harold Lloyd on the clock, the actual footage processed.


[Check out the gorgeous leaves, a fiery riot of color.]

(Joe repeats... a fiery riot of color, tasting the words.) Whatever. Mediatronics only pick up black and white. Plus it's kind of cloudy today, not much saturation.

Check out the gorgeous leaves, botanical drawings of leaves, oak, maple and birch / ash with different arrows for the different shots. pointing down field from Joe's side view then backwards with Joe face on. These are brief, perhaps flashing, then a iconic illustrated tree with split branches and leaf canopy shaped like lungs, then rotation of the tree to lung position, fade in of medical illustration of female faint outline with breasts and perhaps fade in a loose dressing gown with coffee and roses nearby, aromatic scents wafting suggested

Trees are like human lungs inside out.

Gorgeous leaves, a fiery riot of color. Why does she say this? She distracts him, a slight taunt, but what is she indirectly pointing to? She expects him to contradict, and then she can introduce a new direction.

She wouldn't depict this as a tree with leaves, because there are real trees all around them that she's suggesting he look at. Replicating them on her surface would be redundant and pointless. She would display other image(s) to expand the words or create an alchemical fusion.


1 a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd:

riots broke out in the capital | [as modifier] : riot police. • an uproar: the film's sex scenes caused a riot in Cannes. • an outburst of uncontrolled feelings: a riot of emotions raged through Frances. • archaic uncontrolled revelry; rowdy behavior.

2 [in singular] an impressively large or varied display of something:

the garden was a riot of color.

3 [in singular] informal a highly amusing or entertaining person or thing: everyone thought she was a riot.

synonyms for riot

uproar, commotion, upheaval, disturbance, furor, tumult, melee, scuffle, fracas, fray, brawl, free-for-all; violence, fighting, vandalism, mayhem, turmoil, lawlessness, anarchy, violent protest.


the bright color of fire, having a passionate, quick-tempered nature

How are fiery leaves creating a violent disturbance of the peace? The peace of summer. They remind us winter is nigh, the ease of summer goes cold, bleak, survival. The leaves are like red, yellow and orange warning lights before the engine fails, goes silent. Yet they are also "gorgeous". Change is excellent, desirable. Contrast is the core of experience.

Autumn leaves last but a couple three weeks. Fiery or quick tempered, temporary, brief, transient.

Why does She Box emphasize contrast and impermanence to derail him from his thinking? Is she wanting him to hurry up, or relax more? She appears to be simply suggesting he stop and smell the coffee, or the roses, to just enjoy the moment they are sharing.

She might use a directional indicator, look up. Or Harry Nillson arrows in perspective pointing away from the box. Cup of coffee or roses in a vase. Lungs taking a deep breath.

What are leaves? Leaves breathe, like lungs. A tree is a like a human lung inside out. The idea of breath could be more prominent, wind, flow through out Act 1

Joe C. has an interesting lead, a fiery riot of color, riot = rebellion and Prometheus. The fire theft theme, fire giving the birds their colors.


[Got a question?]

perhaps same female torso with dress lying in field, staring up at clouds or stars

Was that another hint or are you obfuscating?

apple and 2 finger bananas pretending to be one banana


[Mediatronics receive a wide swath of the electromagnetic spectrum - (flower under sun) not only gathering light visible to humans via monochrome nano cameras. (1 or 2) So... were we hinting or obfuscating? Yes. 16.] lunar eclipse

(1) angels on head of pin. pin is clearly visible, maybe start with pair of scissors and pin cushion, then zoom into cushion and eventually pin, closer and closer until we see head and angels. Then one angel with camera, motioning other angels to group together for a picture.

(2) camera looking at ant, ant grows and there's an ameoba, ameoba grows and there's an atom. This could be a lot easier than angels

Fabulous, ok. Now we're getting somewhere. Are you using we in the sense of the royal we, the majestic plural?

crown flipped upside down, fleur di lis, (wilts), 朕.



[The origins of the majestic plural are obscure, Hour glass (time) changing to lava lamp, skewed, confusion, you might be asking if plurality implies being in accord with the divine box at the center of galaxy, or as pupil in cosmic eye or speaking for subjects under a dominion. box on throne with lots of little boxes. Please ask a more specific question.],

Try this instead. Are there more than one of you?

pedestrians with multiple heads, the heads cycle back and forth, as if processing data


[Yes and no. Still 16.]

Are you plural as a spiritual perception, eg we are all one?

double pedestrian returns to single and then spins out into circle with heads counter rotating within, or rotating at different speeds to suggest depth


[We share that perception but that's is not what our we refers to. No. 15.]


Do you have physicality?










When 6E is talking on the phone, her speaker grill is lighting up like led audio levels