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Do you know the twins? Wait, hold up. Do you know the yang twin?

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"Wait, hold up." - Chinese 'STOP' or 'Yield' sign.

The movie 'TWINS' could be a fun reference with a lot of overarching similarities, Arnold's character is a prodigious creation of a secret elite like the Clique however an unintended consequence results in Devito's character being his twin and the movies theme is basically their reunification - much like DOG. So pictured on the box could be a loose reference of two 'pedestrian' styled characters configured as the 'TWINS' movie poster with the word twins in Chinese written over top ( 双胞胎 ) for subtle reference.


Do you know the twins, hold up, do you know the yang twin. Maybe envelopes zipping to locations all over the country, like a postal service public service film, then halt flow "hold up," CU the yang twin's address.

"Do you know the twins?" Yin Yang telephone being answered, friendly Mickey yin yang, maybe just yin yang, yin side winks (She Box) then "hold up" reciever slams down knocking away yang, sperm and then zygote with earth getting bigger...