[Ha, c'mon. That's not a real question. There's no such thing as evil.]

Shorthand. Are the twins in opposition?

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Angel and demon are dancing because there's no such thing as evil - recurring DOG symbols in halo, horns and tail.

"That's not a real question." - (top right) playing with irrational numbers, pi is twinsy, square root of 2 has a hidden question mark.

Rams butting heads as "Are the twins in opposition?" - horns shaped like DOG symbol.

Not pictured above but might be fun to reference stenography for "shorthand", it's really a beautiful writ almost arabesque. There are reference legends out on the web that I'll find.

evil claw hand and angelic hand, "give me some skin, brother" plaf! slap noise

this one again, perhaps the flags are the eyes of yin yang symbols, either going into or out of ying yang.

Shorthand. Are the twins in opposition?

Janus, Vesica Pisces, position  MS