[The origins of the majestic plural are obscure, you might be asking if plurality implies being in accord with the divine or speaking for subjects under a dominion. Please ask a more specific question.]

Try this instead. Are there more than one of you?

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Could animate from a priest on an alter with hands raised invoking the deity (above) as genie, wiz of oz or three faced buddah/hindu gods (elephanta caves, Mumbai) [past,present,future; man,woman,transcendent; desire,fear,pride] "in accord with the devine...">"subjects under a dominion"> animates to show followers below the alter > "Please ask a more specific question"> genie/wiz cloud dissolves into a question mark shaped cloud of smoke where the 'dot' of the question mark is a target with an animated arrow striking its bull's eye > BJ: "try this instead..." > soup spoon to mouth > "are there more than one of you?" > giant box animates to be divided into 8, then 1/8 is divided into 8 and so on... until unnoticeable.


"origins are obscure" flipping through a book with blank pages, or alternately flipping through a book with writing but the lines are erased as each page is turned. The title of the book could be history but better if pictures don't require words.

"origins are obscure" hour glass flips transitions to lava light and back, perhaps a rapid blinking back and forth several times like a florescent light coming on, then a indecisive flickering between. Inverse shapes, sand pours down and lava blobs move up. We're not sure which object is relevant or real.


Fibonacci fractal boxes on a cloud, what else is there to say?

"Subjects under a dominion" Sarcastic images, She Box imagining improbable scenarios. A queen box on a throne rules over all the other boxes...

"Subjects under a dominion." Sarcastic images, She Box imagining improbable scenarios. A top down hierarchy of elites and lower castes or the masses