[Mediatronics receive a wide swath of the electromagnetic spectrum - not only gathering light visible to humans via monochrome nano cameras. So... were we hinting or obfuscating? Yes. 16.]

Fabulous, ok. Now we're getting somewhere. Are you using we in the sense of the royal we, the majestic plural?

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*Ask Dan, seems like the hint here is that "we" are not human as per the differentiation...


"Were we hinting or obfuscating? Yes."

Top left, Eclipse,

Top right, infinity turns into lids, then eyes, they blink.

Bottom, find the lady with cups or cards

angels on the head of a pin, from the sister catherine treatise, (strong gnostic flavor and makes a scholarly reference) top left first one angel with camera power pose, top right, angels gathering for group photo, angel motioning with both arms to clump more together. That could be what we're seeing with the power pose, but then the pin head grows and we see the group of them.

"doctors declare that in heaven a thousand angels can stand on the point of a needle (tusent selen siczen in dem himelrich uff einer nadel spicz)."

nano cameras, bug to amoeba to atom, suggesting camera shrinking, perhaps these objects flash by foreground to background while while camera remains a constant size, suggesting the camera is shrinking

box with TV antennae, perhaps reminding us of apartment buildings from the 70 and 80s, night time city rooftops. Perhaps piles of boxes make up buildings with TV antennae atop.

Vintage radio tower

Satellite dish, perhaps swiveling

Classic RKO logo, tower on earth

Sun on a lone flower, rays suggesting pyramid-ish

"Wide swath" knife spreading on butter on toast, the butter smearing out and widening as the knife progresses.