[We are expressing appreciation for such acute perception. Celebrating!]

Wait a minute. Your use of the pronoun 'We'. Next question. We. Does your use of we refer to you and me?

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"expressing appreciation" - thumbs up!

"such acute perception"

  • was imagining an animated sequence of equilateral triangle with dashed arched lines conveying the acute angles therein > fade in the eye in the pyramid as the dashed arches convert to D.O.G. halo symbol > blinking and halos turn into eyes themselves.
  • or a drafting compass (acute) drawing out the D.O.G. symbol.

"Celebrating!" > iconic dance scene from Pulp Fiction.

--Side Note:

  1. Also in this drawing I was imagining potential reoccurring motifs for when Shebox is listening to Buffalo Joe ie processing what he's saying aside from flashing/projecting certain images from her interpreting (or subconscious) there could be our own designed insignia for her waiting or processing much like our "spinning wheel of death" icons that appear while our computers are loading or processing. The Ideas are equilateral hexagons as cubes either rotating or made to look as if it's being orbited by a light by simply altering the shading of each side of the cube - three visible sides only needs black/white/50% opacity (gray).
  2. Hexagons could also be made to spell things by incorporating dashed lines for the hidden edges of the cube and emboldening certain edge segments, above I tried to use the example of spelling "WE". This could be a fun subliminal to add or may have a more apt context later in the script.

"appreciation for such acute perception" 3 images at top left - a line hinges and widens becoming an eye symbol. Blink. Telescope pointed at the moon. A symbol within a square, lines animate, cutting at acute (sharp) angles, the symbol is unfinished, suggest yin and yang. Creating this figure is more of a feeling the process of cognition than a symbol.

Here the symbol becomes a yin yang symbol with a sort of electrical split