[Let us begin with an inquiry into your preferences for extrapolation. We can offer riddles, display archival surveillance footage with comments, or perhaps you prefer the skinny straight up?]

(laughs) We haven't met, have we?

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"Let us begin with an inquiry into your preferences for extrapolation."  Sequence= detective looking at clues (spore print, finger print)>"Thinker" has similar silhouette, pondering>Lightbulb lights for recognition.

"We can offer riddles"=puzzle pieces are clues-the big picture is She/elipse.

"riddles" dancing question marks

"surveillance footage" old school cathode ray TV, security camera mounted to ceiling, camera in perspective, maybe turns then blinks, indicating awareness

"skinny straight up" hot dog on grilling tongs, no bun or fixings. naked. Suggests penis, bareback. Skinny straight up could also be truth, no frills. The cherry tree that George Washington chopped down, or just cherries, (virginity?) a check mark for verified and an open book, nothing to hide