[Most definitely. Yes. 14.]

Is your physicality somehow plural?

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This is what the final cube from the images below (in color) would look like as one color - playing with opacity. Could try on a neutral (brown/box colored) background where the top rhombus is made of white pedestrians, and another rhombus is 50/50 b/w and the final black to see how it mocked up.

"Is your physicality somehow plural?" This image animated would start from the "trinity" a deistic associated number would grow to symbolically reference being many, a star pattern background that eventually become the heads of body's filling in, a star shape it's self, cube(s) (box(es)) and over and over the "trinity" -- the two twins and the energy/spirit imbued in both of them.

"Is your physicality somehow plural?"

Dan's cans from 21 slide in, row by row then eye appears on cans, maybe winks for "Somehow, yes".