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"based on what she is saying, the style changes"



  • Fountain
  • Ken Russell
    • Layer of the White Worm ~ DOG for Mel
    • Gothic
    • Rainbow


Conventions and Workflow

  • displays
    • 4 sided box
    • camera angles can show 2 sides
    • 1 side for language and 1 side for images
    • opposing sides of box are same
  • animation (simplified)
    • still image (best)
    • 2-3 still images
      • sequence or adjacent
  • color
    • is color inherent to a concept - rainbow
    • how to suggest color in black and white
    • "fiery riot of color" can the boxes see color?
  • ideas
    • Joe and Mel can realize with their existing skill sets? sketch! (90%)
    • ideas that require photographic or other VFX processing? propose! (10%)
  • rewatch factor
    • 70% clearly conveys meaning or feeling immediately
    • 20% may not be recognizable on the first pass
    • 10% has to really sink in, foundation for later, foreshadowing
  • evolution of She Box communication
    • premise
      • she's chill at first and lets her hair down as they get to know each other. It's not that she herself is evolving or getting better at communicating, it's that she really likes him and doesn't want to overwhelm him
    • beginning
      • initial imagery is simpler and comes more slowly
      • starts out symbols and emoji-like
      • more science and technical?
      • laid back and conservative
    • evolves
      • more beautiful
      • or more snide, more funny, more ridiculous
      • she's wild and kooky
      • more abstract
      • more visual jokes
    • whatever seems appropriate for the evolution of the scene
  • consistent
    • she might range over variety of visual styles
    • feels like a coherent voice
  • jokes
    • he glances away, there's opportunities for her to make jokes that maybe he isn't seeing
  • controversy
    • if something strikes us as being fucking awesome, I don't care whether it's gonna piss people off or not
  • audience awareness
    • discussed in the meeting of 12/16/19, she is aware of the audience and might visually welcome them at the start of her interchange with Joe.
    • the audience's image and text sides might diverge from what Joe sees
  • She Box images
    • in response to Buffalo Joe
    • thinking
    • feeling
    • whispering to herself
    • micro expressions
    • network traffic
      • forest of decision trees
      • neuron network
      • bird flocks
      • fish vortex
  • translating all recorded knowledge
    • emblematic works and representing them simplistically - matisse
  • budget
    • ambitious, huge art project
    • explore this in a big way
    • get hours in



orange = do before shaving

  • Joe and Box Play
    • moving ACT 3 to a new location, not feasible. What's the rationale for staying put? Buffalo Joe and Box play sequence (getting to know you) between ACT 1 and 2 is a leap of physical rehearsal that begins in the adjacent and then spans continents, through claymation landscapes maybe.
    • CUs of Joe with beard, happy faces (GS)
  • Motorcycle
    • 1
      • from behind Joe watching airship depart, raises arm, waves
    • 2
      • hand scoops snow away and then paws into the dirt, maybe stick?
      • drops in diecast bike and covers
    • 3
      • profile of Joe stepping back from a squat
      • snow and dirt flies and his arm comes up to protect his face
  • Laser shave
    • CU Joe shaving, de-regression faces (GS)


Primary Themes


    • they slip into other languages for a second. French, Chinese etc. (Eddie Izzard )
    • who is fluently bilingual with a poetic sense?
      • Urdu, Nigerian, French
    • reliable sources to steal from?





Alternate Narratives


  • Blurry genders of Joe and Box, it it germane? Does changing gender offer insight into their relationship?
  • Rabbit hole - fungi can have many mating types, they just can't produce with the same mating types.
  • Choosing to be a different mating type than Joe (female to his male) implies reproduction. What would be their offspring?

Buried Boxes

  • Boxes boxes buried in the Earth, mycelial network of the Earth, where the hallucinogenic realm comes from.
  • boxes buried in dirt could be the mycelial hub
  • MU is not the entire Earth, MU is distinct from E but can interface narrowly. E is a distinct entity. Theme Park Earth.

78s with fungi

  • reference
    • mold is a type of fungi
    • Mold growth begins when a single spore of fungus lands on an organic surface. This includes all biodegradable materials, ranging from paper to leather. As the mold absorbs moisture in the air, it swells in size to form a thin thread known as a hyphae. The hyphae quickly spread and extend across the surface, assuming conditions are sufficient for growth. Mold grows best in dark, damp conditions.
  • composite shrooms sprouting from the records
  • mold is 3D and so are the grooves
  • electron microscope image of 3D
  • macro photo of mold on record