... and chords too eventually

I wrote this song long ago, late 80s perhaps in the Artist house. Somewhere there are more lyrics, maybe a notebook in the deepest archives. The first three stanzas are original, the Apocalypse lyrics came later. [solar powered salon and music at the end of the week are references to Sharon May's salon and playing with Susan and Wayne at the defunct Beulah cafe and the Shed, 2000-ish?]

An email to Brad

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Date: December 14, 2019 at 12:41:30 AM EST
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Bolded versions are all that’s in the current theme. This song is a sort of a fantasy from the perspective of 10-11 year old boys, maybe approaching puberty but not quite there. Sex still very mysterious. The spy reference, building forts and peeking at girls are all in that domain. Which is why having the theme turned into an over the top bond theme would be awesome, that’s exactly what boys like this would imagine (for themselves).

Another Fucked Up Day in Paradise (extended lyric version)

mr smooth he rolls out of bed
and the russian spy
that he just slept with
is so hot
subtle soviet seduction plot

wake up brother
we got nothing to do
let’s go outside
just me and you
and build a fort
we’ll pack a lunch
won’t be home til after dark

after dinner we can sneak back out
you know that high school girl
I’ve been telling you about?
she gets undressed
about a quarter to nine
and we can watch her do it
from the big old pine
next door
she’s got a room on the second floor

well it looks like
another fucked up day in paradise

the global catastrophe came and went
when all the blessed
were taken in the rapture event
I guess that proves that praying to jesus
was time well spent

for the rest of us sinners
the earth is all ours
but the phones aren’t ringing
and there’s no gas in the cars
TVs are black
and the government’s gone
but at least we ain't got all those preachers
carrying on
and you can still get your haircut at the local solar powered salon

the waters much cleaner
and the amphibians are back
jetskis are finished
and folks are less fat
people are trading their turnips and beets
for herbal healing
or a bottle of mead
we still play music at the end of the week

well it looks like
another fucked up day in paradise

When I started podcasting using the kid lyrics for the theme, Melonie opined that this felt smarmy, a 50 something guy singing about spying on high school girls. I thought the references to building forts and sneaking out after dinner would be clues about who was singing this song, but I added the sfx of kids playing soccer just to drive the idea home.

Voyeuristic pre-teen boys might be reprehensible to some, me too-ish. These lyrics don't judge. They're reportage from an epoch sans ubiquitous porn, when a straight boy had to scheme if he was going to satisfy his intense curiosity about girls, follow his biological imperative. A bygone epoch or one just around the corner, when stories of power grids and internets are told around a campfire.

Daughter of God isn't trying to be controversial, just fun. That might seem like a big fat lie, especially for devout Christians who are darn sure there can never be a daughters of god, only sons, and just one son at that. This movie is not for everyone, various cognitive hurdles have been installed to deter anyone who isn't her audience. If vaulting these hurdles feels effortless, then she may be your movie.