Dan Kelly Shri Fugi Spilt and this is Episode 173, Idea o Rama. We're going geeky in a few minutes, here's why that's a feature, not a bug. As a kid, I sat through so many Catholic masses, deadly dull. The priest was talking nonsense, but in English, so it seemed like it should be intelligible. Back in the day those zany Catholics used to say the mass in Latin, which wasn't a language the average Mary or Joe understood so the nonsense really was nonsense to them, but intoned with so much ritual and solemnity that it became potent nonsense, redolent of divinity.

That's how I suggest you take in the imminent geekery. You know I've got something special going on, after 173 Episodes of podcasting and 14 years of persistent art making, clearly I'm either mad or a genius or both. I'll be the priest and let my unintelligible utterances be the latin. Then we'll be in the divinity zone. Before we go there, this next bit is mostly in english, I'd liken this to announcements before the main event.

From earlier on December 14, during kriyas.

All we have is our intuition. How often has a hunch led to musings, then hypothesis and finally experimental confirmation? Not just for me but for science and the arts? Perhaps blind alleys and backtracking along the way. Learning to identify intuition and then trust the resulting insights is my greatest joy. I am these days gently trending decisively intuitive.

There’s lots of buzz words critical of this approach, confirmation bias comes immediately to mind. What I mean by intuition isn’t conditioning, nor a practiced pattern of thought. Intuition is an ecstatic openness, a delight in discovery, especially discoveries that are luminously unprecedented to what we had thought was a given. That is anathema to confirmation bias.

I won’t go on and on about what intuition is not, I am still learning how to be intuitive, to trust my ability to connect with beauty and feel a rich sense of rapport with all there is. I love getting better at this. Here’s the encouraging universal vision... maybe if the cultivation of intuition became a collective worthiness, cultures arising from manipulation by external authority would fade. Ultimately, if we can take responsibility for our experience, attend to our feelings, learn to cultivate presence and trust what then shows up, a delicious world transformation is possible.

I’m going forward on this premise. I might fall flat on my face, go to my grave a discredited buffoon but I’ll have drank deep of fullness, of my unique vitality. Perhaps a crumb along my trail will be discovered by another self-declared sentience and through her, we’ll all slide just a bit closer to the consistent bliss of deliberate adventure. I leave behind these breadcrumbs not for posterity, but because I am enjoying myself and gooshing the ephemeral clay of existence is it’s own reward.

For the record, I vaulted a wall of fear that had blocked this path for me. I'll describe that wall briefly, in case you too might yearn to trust yourself but face obstacles. Your wall might be very different from mine, but here's what I heard... solipsistic, ego driven, selfish, obtuse, insane, conspiracy theory, terrorist, predator, anti-democratic, unpatriotic, cultish, foolish, dreamer, freak, criminal, pariah, poser... You can climb any wall quietly, sans advertising, I might have made a spectacle of getting over, created drama that didn’t serve freedom. The takeaway is this - let's be aware that the voices of condemnation are only inside our own heads, we make the puppets yowl and caper.


While transcribing the first She Box Artist meeting, rabbit holes yawned open. For our mutual enjoyment, a replay.

Preface - Mel, Joe and Dan are developing a visual language for the She Box so as to lift exposition to high art, you may have listened to the 2.5 hours of audio of our first meeting in Episode Eleven Eleven. I am transcribing and summarizing our meetings to document the discovery, create a compendium of her communication. Midway through the transcription, I decided to sip some Michigan smoke and ended up with copious insights. I offer these quite geeky musings without too much explanation, just the skinny straight up. Feel the process.


Feelings for the Box, expressed as imagery.

Photos, let's say of the burnings... Could be vintage naked kids fleeing, translated into line drawings, beyond Waking Life and Scanner Darkly. How to get past that aesthetic to something more universal, not recognized overtly as an effect. subtle and evocative. yikes.

I move my expertise into designing this look, with feedback from the other artists to start.

The lines and edges of the drawing, what sort of dance are they doing? What if using Twixtor to go from one version of an image to another, simple rotation or a Topaz uprez of some portion. Is Twixtor app based on AI?

NVidia has hardware that will do what Twixtor does, from 2018 dpreview.com. What's Twixtor's response? Twixtor quality vs Nvidia?

The hockey player, does something about the super slow mo look... odd? Does his body feel gloppy? Are his bones too bendy? What?

Future research on Twixtor... making video look like film.

What this article makes me think of is the gobs of VHS and 8mm interlaced video and such from before the HVXs, de-interlaced and then uprezzed. Kind of mind blowing that these old memories could be clarified and heightened with machine learning. Information ADDED to them that wasn't there, guesses. How good are those guesses really? How granular is the teaching data set? what might fall through the cracks with the current versions of this tech? Pay attention to the results, She Box Artists.

Master the f'ing big screen!

What was that documentary about micro-expressions? Scientist analyzes faces of violent tribe? Talks about Kato in OJ trial? Malcolm Gladwell, Blink? I have that as an audio book, pretty sure. Big criticism of Gladwell's Blink which I begin to recall the gist of, as I bob in the interwaves. Strangely, what I was just writing about for a possible podcast episode, INTUITION. My decision to decisively trust same... weird. Here's the Wikipoop, where Gladwell dissenters are quoted.

I vaguely remember Gladwell discussing what might be the cognitive mechanisms underlying intuition. I'm going into extrapolation mode by skipping these mechanisms and thinking about the brain's more potent incarnation as receiver of signals, the signal of Dan Kelly, for instance. Like Nassim points out, the radio announcer is not inside the radio. I drive myself like a car, whoa. No wonder that analogy of car as extension of self feels so obvious and potent. These incarnations are super sweet extensions of ourselves.

I might be writing a podcast episode right now, who can tell?

So everything I seem to be seeking is delivered by feeling the reception of what is eternal, indestructible, nameless, delighted... what I actually am. Yes - I am an amazing body and I am duality, the space time continuum... so focused on what is only .01 of me.  If we seek vibrant physicality, there's a signal available that is ever recharging, regenerative, birthing, healing, empowering, delivering. I am that signal's reception. That's how physicality is projected out of bubbling nothing. We aren't remotes either, we are a unique projection, fusion of nowness with the divine, or maybe the divine's pretending at limitation creates the now. Some tricky shit. I might like to explore why duality, and not trinity or some other ity, but a bit too esoteric for this episode.

I had a tiny awakening there, writing about the signal of me, I experienced being a signal. That's not proof that it's TRUE, whatever true is, however... that I could easy test drive the experience is notable.

What still just totally blows me away tho? That we really do choose our experience. We can choose to choose. Take that for a test drive. Practice - practice makes perfect. Merry Christmas.


That's episode 173, Idea O Rama. Daughter of Godcast Season 4 Choice and I'm Dan Kelly. The Christmas episode could involve a long drive in the dark, there's another adventure planned which I am not at liberty to discuss, but we can discuss plenty of other things, there's never a lack of words here, is there? Seems to be more ears out there, collaborators are returning after the hiatus. Thanks for being a friend with the Daughter of Godcast, thanks for helping with your attention and your comments and ideas. This isn't the year end wrap up, not quite, but I want to get a jump on the appreciation, both for the chance to discover and document so much and to do this together, multiply minded, geographically diverse, mysteriously resonant. Just by sitting in front of a microphone and camera in age of miracles.