Aussi House!

Brad Robinson helped me find my first guitar and taught me my first chords, back when we were 21 maybe? If you're into blame, then he's the dude who kicked off my musical adventure. Also kudos to Lawrence Ross, who taught himself guitar in our east village hovel and showed me the way.

Now Brad's plugging into Daughter of God and helping with new musical ideas. In April of 2018, he sent me some samples of his orchestral explorations...

Lots of interesting ideas here, noodling around with soundtracky sounds and motifs. In November of 2019, I was thinking about covering Eduard Kihl's Trololo song for Buffalo Joe in the hallucinogenic realm, and I wondered... where is Brad now in his orchestral evolution? Could he do the backing track?


Back in 2007, Ndong arranged and goosed my vocal and instrumental tracks for Another Fucked Up Day in Paradise, a song I had written with hardly any guitar chops and then reworked in the late 90s, when I decided to try and play out, gulp! FUDIP is Daughter of God's theme, implying an episodal format like an HBO or Netflix series, a nod to the latest trend in cinema. Also a throwback to my kid years soaking up the Beverly Hillbillies and Gilligan's Island on TV. Here's Ndong's mix in the opening of the movie, with some VFX sketched in.

In 2016 I had the crazy idea to start a podcast, so I unearthed the earliest lyrics of FUDIP. Here are the podcast's opening and closing themes.

Podcast opening - acoustic guitar and vocals

Podcast closing - distorted electric guitar

In early December 2019 I invited Brad to put his shoulder to the wheel, initially by asking about the Kihl backing track, but then I was like, wait! Can you turn FUDIP into an over the top, sexy, dangerous Bond theme?

Here's Brad's first FUDIP inspired nugget, posted 12/14. "DanK's Quiet Blues" is a hilarious high class riff!

Better than Bela! Brad knocks it out of the park with this sketch, "Country Corn", posted 12/17.