When the trip begins, there's a traveling sequence music video where Buffalo Joe sings God Bless America in Kate Smith style, while riding the dirt bike through scenes of America, which extends from Afghanistan to Vietnam. Copyright to create a cover of GBA could be handled by the...

God Bless America Fund

Independent foundation

229 W 28th St Fl 11 New York City, NY United States 10001-5915

Contact Information
Telephone: (212) 699-6507

Support only for the Girl Scout Council of Greater NY and Boy Scouts of America.

Certainly tho, a controversial cover could be problematic for the GBAF, but there's no harm in asking.

The resonant and layered up roaring of the engine revving, then the song starts... recording of the bike blasting away over various terrains, flying through the sky, perhaps on the moon - memory replays of Joe's past adventures? When he "arrives" in the hallucinogenic realms, disembarks from the dirt bike he's like, "whoa, that's some good shit"

Or if problematic, perhaps i write my own patriotic song? 😀 Oh yeah.

Anyway, I see this traveling scene as a chance to really pull back the curtain on the American empire and the myth of democrazy that's been promulgated and then swallowed by most homelanders, whatever the cost of convenience, we will pay!

public domain songs...

Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life

Other public domain tunes for other parts of the movie...

Recognizable, in the American / global cultural memory, regardless of the origin or later use, for instance Beautiful Dreamer by Stephen Foster was the Mighty Joe Young theme and also likely used  elsewhere. These iconic uses keep the song going, creates a common foundation of experience. Testing among under 30 to see what resonates and is recognizable.

Bringing the comet to NYC

Give My Regards to Broadway



Melancholy Baby


Box and Joe