Hi! They say a screenplay is 1 minute / page. I did not find that to be true for the Canada shoot of DOG in 2006. The edit ran much longer. My editing choices, weird business in between the dialogue.

Now I'm preparing to shoot Joe and the Box. I am thinking were getting into fall, so let's just set the shot in fall shoot. Worst case scenario, we wait for winter and get the rest of the movie up to snuff. The question is timing, how long is this scene? For a guesstimate, I used 4 scripted podcast episodes. Here's the calculations.

152 Story 2072 words = 18:28 minutes = 1108 seconds

2072 words / 1108 seconds = 1.87 x 60 = 112 words per minute

140 Best Friends 1544 words = 20:44 minutes = 1244 seconds

1544/1244 = 1.24 x 60 = 74 words/minute

124 Francaise 780 words = 9:22 = 562 seconds

780/562= 1.387 = 83 words/minute

122 Have Yourself 1048 words= 11:30 = 690 seconds

1048/690=1.518x60 = 91 words/min

miles/hour 60 miles / 1 hour = 60 miles/hour

112+74+83+91= 360/4 = 90 words/minute

90 words/minute doesn't include weird business. For instance Box illustrations, animations, which might lengthen, but there's also the idea that the voice acting is over these. Anyway, here's the timings for Scene • Uncle Joe and the Box V3

Buffalo Joe and the Box = 2900 words

2900/90 = 30 minutes

ONE = 936/90 = 10 minutes
TWO = 1328/90 = 14 minutes
THREE = 429/90 = 4.7 minutes

30 minutes!? Holy crow! The whole movie is supposed to be 72 minutes long. So most of the movie is now happening off the big boat.

I am sure I can pair down TWO, but let's go ahead and use this as a guide. This is a long scene to shoot. Possible to get the whole thing in one day, if Joe shows up in the morning and the day progresses. There's a lot of logistics to figure out, and maybe we can just edit TWO into super salient snippets.

What this ultimately means to me is that to properly prepare for this, we're going to have to take a few weeks more, say, so we are looking at a fall shoot. Do we have enough transition through the seasons now for Buffalo Joe traveling?