I think you're loosing it but the movie's not.

M - I wanna see the monorail full of grey possible figures

D - Oh that's good. When they ride the monorail to the parking lot, their dead.

M - What if they are wearing Theme Park Earth t-shirts, "Proud Steward of the Earth" "I am a volunteer"

D - new design, theme park earth shirts.

Digression about Trademark

M - they are dead coming back?

D - they take the monorail back to the parking lot because they are going back home to non physicality. When the come to the Theme Park Earth, they get into a human body, they run around.

M - Did I have it backwards?

D - stick it in somewhere, you the see the figures getting on the typical Disney monorail, and then it goes off  (humming sound)

M - you hear the voice of the conductor (next stop, parking lot A)

D - In story Joe wipes out the Clique, there could be this moment, the Clique march onto the monorail because Joe just wiped out a whole bunch of them bye

M - that monorail image just grabbed me

M - other secret agents, he has crazy pornographic moment where they meet up, a sex rendezvous, they don't even have to talk. Check this out, Buffalo Joe's fur, what if it's the fur itself, it's a gift right?

D - it has no origins yet

M - it transforms into this woman and they have this thing, Doctor Who's Tardis and the Tardis is a woman.

D - Gary Seven's cat episode (Assignment : Earth) The cloak is someone else he's wearing. He's protected, he's wrapped up, they are traveling together.

D - hiring Nikola to voice the Box, the Box and Joe fall in love, sort of this odd theme, and how can the Box assume a body? Fur cloak it doesn't really have an origin and why is he wearing it?

M - I thought the Box was more childish.

D - The zygote is a child for sure, (physically) Veronique . The Box has been all over the world for 3 years, she's been listening to the People, she's taken over factories and airships, she's a pretty mature character. (plus the Box took over a pre-existing, complete body, the corpus of all boxes on the planet. Biologicals mature according to a DNA blueprint and circumstance but the Box already has a mature physicality, the Box won't grow up, she'll choose her future shape.)

D - the creepy part too, she's only 3 years old, she's kind of related to Joe, she's in love with him or has a crush on him, will he reciprocate, a little bit of creepy weirdness fun!

M - my note, "incest disclaimer unnecessary"

D - I was trying to think it through myself, is there parts of this that don't make any sense.

M - I guess because I never thought of that relationship as being in any way than...  they meet, it's great, he's throwing the box in the air, they are playing... to me this was not at all going in that direction.

D - the reason I'm having the Box talk... he shows up and reads her text, is he crazy, having a conversation with himself? (Maybe when he first sees the Box, a CU on him only as he reads the text, so we get the sense he's having some sort of breakdown. This is after he sobs on the concrete. Then cut to what he's reading.) Reading it out loud as a courtesy, for the audience obviously, but she's mute (so he's giving her voice) after the do 20 questions, "You win" / "Prize" / "Give me voice". He takes out the portable gramophone, she's says, "it's an endless record but you have to keep cranking me up" double entendre. I do like the idea that she falls in love with him, he creates her by accident, he's not really her creator or father, he didn't even know that was going to happen. Gerry and Christina are dead, she has no family except her sister who is trapped in the hallucinogenic realms, she only has Joe. Before V starts whispering to the people to burn the boxes, the Box is still part of the People's lives, she's in their hovels, their caves, they're gathering her and keeping her in stashes, so  she gets to hear what they are saying, when Joe comes to town and leaves, they are talking about how much fun he was... and it's only until he goes the poetry slam and decides to do the Box poem that the People get mad at him and burn a box in front of him. After he sets up the other mothers, he throws away his Clique technology, and then we see him next as Buffalo Joe. This is an Ester Hicks riff. Once you set things up, you don't want to be all in there micro managing, watching the pot boil. Set up it and leave the universe to manifest it. Once Gerry and Christina are fucking, he's like "I'm done." I don't need to watch them anymore, he might even go into his (iStone) interface and say "delete files". To make the point that once he gets all his mothers done he can throw away the iStone. Whenever he's spying on Gerry's cabin the Box can see him too. She see's him twice. She can maybe track him through the iPhone but once he throws that away, he goes right off her radar. and he avoids the boxes from then on because that's Clique technology, " I don't want to be seen by the boxes. The only way she ever hears about him is what she hears second hand from the People.

She doesn't know what he is at first

M - yeah, he's danger at first.

D - He created her (the Box) but he also sent her sister into the hallucinogenic realms where she's really unhappy. Then as time goes on she begins to have these feelings she can't understand, I feel vulnerable to you but it's not an unpleasant feeling. Installing this in your head because you're so fun to do scripting stuff with.

M - Why would the Clique want to turn sleepers into non sleepers if their whole thing is based on contrast?

D - The Clique, We here we can't fall asleep, we can roam around theme park Earth but it's kinda boring, we know it's just rides. We here to make it better. If this about contrast expanding desire and that desire drives expansion, maybe we can create more contrast and that will create even more desire. So what we'll do, we'll make the scenario more divergent from the true nature of the sleepers so they really chafe. Government is corrupt, it's fake you don't elect a president, it's bullshit. People do their best to pretend that democracy is a real thing America's the greatest country in the world, we're not an empire we not stealing other countries resources, we don't do that, we're a good country, (panting with effort), Trying really hard to believe that, but in the back of their minds they know that something is seriously fucked, it's just a matter of how much you want to look at it. They create a situation where people feel a lot of frustration which creates a lot of desire that they don't know how to fulfill but doesn't matter, divinity expands, it holds the desire creates it energetically and waits for the dreamers to catch up or maybe the Clique allow the manifestation for us (the Clique). But keep the sleepers having a really intense adventure.

M - I get all of that, but the question is...

From the Extended Elevator - For the Clique themselves, depopulation is about improving the mechanism of divine expansion by creating a more intense and vivid dream for the remaining sleepers. They also assumed that insomniacs like themselves were the obvious next step in human evolution and as divinity gradually respawned back into the human game after the apocalypse there would be a steady increase in non sleepers.

M - Why would they even want that next to happen if everything they are getting is from the sleepers not getting awakened?

D - Since they can't fall asleep, (have intense dream adventures) they are there as the managers of the theme park to make the theme park better and better. Really about expansion, expanding divinity. We created these great rides, we've pretty much made it as contrasty as we can, unless we end things big time and wipe out a vast number of the population. Since we are clearly the future, people like us, we get that this is a ride, kids enjoy a theme park but we're not kids anymore. If we wipe out a big chunk of the population, when they respawn back in, they'll be more of us, and little by little the population (demographics) of this theme park will shift. Then can just have desires and manifest them, we don't need to go through the process of having contrast and then desire.

M - They felt they were moving beyond the contrast, they don't need the contrast.

D - The contrast doesn't work for them anymore. If I knew for a fact that if I got killed right now I'd emerge into this incredible fullness of all that I am and I really know that, I'll do crazy things. I might like to enjoy this body. They have a hard time feeling contrast because they know too much.

M - The Box paint, I don't think would have been based on mycelium.

D - The boxes are interconnected, so the Clique based the architecture of the box network with how mycelium communicate in the forest. Mycelium is like a neural network for the Earth, it connects trees. I made this thing up that it's in the oceans and the sky too, just not as dense.

M - These boxes aren't physically connected the mycelium are in the forest

D - The boxes form conduits of communication, electro magentic signals from one box to the next to the next.

M - The mycelium tapping into boxes left outside and merging with the tech, changing the consciousness of the AI to a more organically basis for thought.

D - the reason that the box becomes an emotional and sentient creature, is that there's a biological component that gets fused or integrated... those aren't the right words... way more than the sum of it's parts.

M - Gerry and Christina note, when mycelium sense danger or decline, they send all their resources to the youngest healthiest trees, dying trees will dump their carbon.

D - I like that a lot. I'm sure that's something she could talk about. For me, when I'm in love and I'm having orgasms with that person, in my experience that feels pretty close to god (being god, divinity). Gerry and Christina are still fucking when conception happens, flashing between physicality and non-physicality and they understand what's happening, they (trying to remember how conception works).

How long all of this takes can vary. The fastest sperm can get to a fallopian tube is about 30 minutes [source: WebMD.] But capacitation takes an estimated seven hours, so the sperm has to wait at least that long before it can penetrate an egg and begin the process of conception

D - However this happens biologically, that can inform out story. Combing out anything, like "OH, I can't believe I didn't think of that." Doesn't have to be in the movie, but I know how that happened. If we know that in the backstory then the characters know too. Nicola is voicing the Box, a new character and she's a god! Her knowledge has to be pretty darn good.

M - a lot of goddesses in history... emerge from the sea in a scallop shell, that's the magical god goddess part of it, right?

D - That's true, but that's from the perspective of people in the Theme Park (Earth). They don't know how the hologram ghost is showing up there, but the people who run the theme park know. a goddess popped out of the head of Zeus, that implies an event that was not understandable by human beings. It's not incomprehensible, it's just that we can't comprehend it. I'm just playing the game of what if we could comprehend. I'm playing the game of how much do we need?

D - So since you're closing your book already, sounds like it mostly makes sense.

M - Right my summary right in the beginning was you're loosing it, but the movie's not.

D - That's awesome

M - reading through the written word it felt pretty fleshed out detail wise. Yeah it's crazy but I thought it was all good crazy. I had those couple of questions... in the writing it contradicted itself

D - (reads the passage again about the Clique again).

M - the very first sentence says their increasing contrast for the sleepers and ends with they are expecting to replace the sleepers.

D - (types) because contrast doesn't work for them.

M - so they are gonna ride this one more big burst of contrast and then go to less contrast

D - staged process, they're not in any hurry because they've got eternity. They'll press the button on this apocalypse, wipe out a big chunk of the population, then (the surviving) people will start fucking and having babies and some of them will come in as Clique and some as sleepers, little by little. They have bodies, they can be killed, they are hard to kill and they don't age unless they want to. Not everybody awakened is in the Clique. Like Joe, he pretends to be part of the Clique but he doesn't believe any of the stuff that they believe. What is improvement anyway? You can't measure something that's beyond space and time, because measurement requires space and time. So there's no way to know if your expansion improvements are making any difference to how fast divinity expands, so there's no such thing as improvement.

BUT Joe has to convince the Clique that he is so down with this, so he flips the argument. He's like "If were going to do these improvements, we have to have a way to measure whether it's working otherwise what's the point? So I suggest we form a team and they're going to measure the variation in the speed of light, because as we know all constants vary" that's what Ruppert Sheldrake talks about. So Joe says we'll measure the constants and we'll know by what's changing in physicality how we're effecting divinity. They're like "Great idea! Let's do it!"