Keeping track of all the moving parts. Move all production notes for scenes here with anchors.


  • rough I2
  • remaining shot list
    • Burned boxes
    • Joe and The Box on dune
    • Motorcycle discovery and activation
    • shaving and conversion
    • Veronica and Joe
    • Big Box
    • Paul's Pype
    • Miniatures
  • scout
    • morning at bomb crater
    • The Box on dune - Elberta?
  • prep XR-650
  • research - atmospherics for flashback and collapsing q wave function
  • need burned box scapes

Joe and Box

[09-10-19] Record the BOX's text dialogue at reading speed, but also with the nuances I would read into her statements. Then play that back and I'd react to it. perhaps video also too of how it would flow onto the screen.

People's Poetry Slam - Bonfire

does Joe reveal himself when he steps into the firelight, or is he already visible? He reveals, the transformation from Uncle Joe to Buffalo Jo was not revealed until this moment - confirm

People's Poetry Slam - Arborealists

pre and production notes from March 2019 shoot

Road River

  • Find the shittiest roads
    Two tracks
    Overgrown pathways
  • Setting for GoPro
  • Can the frame of the red bike be straightened?


  • inventory of scenes shot