Motorcycle spaceship extradimensional trip space is where he meets Veronique

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I would like to know what deep learning is... I would like to better understand what’s happening under the dashboard

[09-07-19] here's a blog post from zendesk about deep learning, which may or may not clarify deep learning vs machine learning.

Here's a riff on what I could have been pointing to with extradimensional trip space. Instead of riding the motorcycle over geographical terrain, perhaps the bike travels in cognitive or energetic space, meeting Veronique in a sort of yet born state, where she is surrounded by clique guards or stewards. Maybe she is attracted to the People when they feel angst or frustration and suggests an external focus for their pain - the Box being the reason for all their ills. That way she wouldn't have to visit so many in person which would in fact be pretty freaky, her being a sort of fetus and all.

The issue then is converting this idea into the climactic moment when Box Giant comes over the hill. If Joe arrives at the Bobby Bushway location altered by Topaz then we get that Veronique is in a next door reality, similar to what Joe has been traveling through, but tripped out. We could have a demonstration of how she whispers to one of the People, (perhaps Melonie for simplicity), Melonie is passing but cannot see Veronique or Joe, she is gathering in the forest. Veronique flashes over (winking out with a flash in the present location and winking on over by Melonie). CU with Melonie, head down on the Earth and Veronique says, "You cannot have a child old crone? Cannot do your part to repopulate the empty Earth despite vigorous fucking? The Boxes that's why, the Boxes." Melonie seems to listen for a bit, then goes back to her forest gathering. We see Melonie in the distance as Veronique flashes back. "Where ever there are troubled hearts I go and offer solace, a step up in the emotional ladder, from despair to blame, in this case.

Then the box monster can come in Topaz mode, Melonie completely unaware. Veronique can scream. Black out.

Joe pulling real baby out of the air, dripping with birthy goo (Juniper or Ayo) Melonie drops to the ground in shock. He turns to her

"Arise, alleged crone! Gravid with desire, you have manifested new life out of thin air. The boxes! The boxes in their endless abundance and desire to serve all humanity have felt your pure and selfless desire and entrust unto you their divine sister!"

She takes the child, blissfully

"This divine twin, she is now your charge and delight, and she will be both a blessing and protector of the people as the boxes have been, in spite of slight misunderstandings. Let this be a sign to end the burnings, show the people this miracle! The Daughters of God, helpers to all humans spreading across the empty Earth. Tell the people! Cut to Mel, nuzzling the child. She nods her fervent assent. Back to Joe, he's on the motorcycle "I gotta go now, uh, my work here is done. Be happy, be healthy, be peaceful! My sincere blessings for your prosperity and auspiciousness. May the Daughters of God bless us all" He flashes out.